Genetic Technology RWE

By Ryan Sepulveda

What is Genetic Technology?

Genetic Technology is when humans can tamper with the genetic material (DNA) inside of various species, including humans. There can be a lot of benefits to this process, such as terminating certain diseases or even changing features of an animal/person, though some parts of society shun the practice for "playing god".

The Process of Genetic Technology

According to, the genetic process goes as follows: DNA extraction, DNA cloning, DNA design, transformation, and back cross breeding. With the process, there are a lot of benefits for both humans and animals. Humans can have inherited diseases wiped out of them and plants can have their genes changed to have more success growing. Though when everything is the same, there is a possibility of a virus spreading much more quickly than before.

Recombinant DNA

Recombinant DNA is the name of a piece of DNA which had been created by two strands. Molecular cloning is the process used to make the strands. rDNA is used in many fields such as biotech., and medicine and research, thus benefiting humans. As a result of rDNA animals have been genetically manipulated and put on market, showing an outcome for animals regardless if its ethical or not.


With the facts I have stated, I believe genetic technology is the way of the future for humanity. Humans are creatures that naturally strive for perfection, and will go to many lengths to do so. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before society accepts genetic technology as a part of the future.