Apple iOS Apps for Social Studies

5 apps for Social Studies teachers to facilitate learning!

Social Studies Friendzy

Social Studies Friendzy is an app that allows students to play games centered on social studies, covering culture, history and current events with both iPhone and iPad. The app offers a timed 10 question quiz, and students have the option to compete against friends or other students from all around the world!

The app is free and fun for elementary aged students to use, and would be great for students to expand their social studies knowledge. Perhaps, this app could be used as a means to study by having competitions between students in the classroom.

Check out Social Studies Friendzy here!

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Back in Time

Back in Time lets students explore the history of the world! Back in Time has a simple premise, the entire history of the world is simplified into 24 hours, and students can explore history by adjusting the clock's hands. Students will encounter animation, information, images, timelines and facts that highlight the world's history. It's suggested students 10 and up use this app.

This app could be used in a social study class, as a means for students to garner background knowledge in world history. This app would be an excellent pre-lecture activity before teachers introduce world history concepts.

Check out Back in Time here!
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Stack the Countries

Stack the Countries, an app designed for Apple iPhone and iPad, is an interactive game that teaches students about all the countries in the world! Students can test their geographic knowledge by examining capital cities, landmarks, major cities, continents, border countries, languages, flags and country shapes! Stack the Countries also offers a practice-mode, where students can study flashcards before testing their knowledge in the timed round! The app is also available in French and Spanish.

This app would be great for students as they study for geography tests and look to expand geographical knowledge. This app would also be great a great study tool that students could use before geography tests.

Check out Stack the Countries here!
Stack the Countries

Today in History

Today in History is an app updated daily informing users about major historical events that occurred that particular day in history. Students can learn about major birthdays, events, anniversaries and deaths on the day it happened!

Teachers could use this app to facilitate conversation about historical events, and use it as a means to start classroom discussions.

Check out Today in History here!

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Prentice Hall Brief Review of Global History & Geography

This app offers students flashcards, reviews, test and quizzes for exams. This app is designed for high school students to develop their world history knowledge, testing abilities, and social studies skills.

This app is great for students looking to sharpen their study skills, and would be great for students to use as study prep!

Check out this app here!

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