Karl Marx

By Emily White


Karl Marx is condidered to be one of history's most great when it comes to philosophy, social thinking, and coming up with ideas. His work was deemed mostly posthumous, since most people who had the upper hand ignored him right up until his death. When he was born, he was expected to become a very successful lawyer, but that was soon abandoned when he developed a liking for journalism which moved him around a good bit. He fell into the communist community, then, he wrote a series called Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, that highlighted his views on life and concepts of communism.

Facts & Contributions

  • One of his main focuses was conflictions between social classes
  • The term "marxism" was coined by people and fans who followed along with what he believed in
  • Member of a group who criticized/analyzed the politics, economics, and culture known as the Young Hegelians
  • Due to the content of his writings, he was expelled from multiple countries and governments
  • Him and his good pal Friedrich Engels published a book outlining problems with capitalism and their ideas called The Communist Manifesto
  • He noted in one of his writings that capitalism "contained the seeds of its own self destruction"
  • The Bourgeoisie and Proletariat-or the wealthy owners vs the working class was a newfound struggle with the more modern, industrial world
  • He had an idea of a classless world where everyone was treated equal and wealth would be shared between all people based on abilities and needs
  • He worked alongside Friedrich Engels for most of his life
  • He lived out the rest of his days in England, where he continued his writings until he died in 1883