OWl I want is you! <3

By: Stephanie Wang

About Me

Owl need is love. I'm am a loveable owl in aves class. I am 19 years old with blonde hair. My name is Athena Hallow and it will be a pleasure to meet you! I can make delicious meals and will make you wish you could stay with me forever! If you get to know me, you will owl love me. I will make you smile and I will blow you. If you get use to me and I get use to you, owl be thinking of you all night long. Remember owl always love you....no matter what.

Looking for some love

Will you be the one?!

I am looking for a guy who is in the mammal class. Someone who will be deer to me and has lots of "feathers." Someone with luscious hair and sparkling eyes. I want someone who is strong, handsome, athletic, and kind. I hope to meet you and have a hooting time together. Hoo will make my heart beat? I don't want to be owl by myself so....Call now!