Walter D. Myers.

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The gym is cold and has a hard floor.When you see a gym there is probably kids in there playing. There is a stand on the sides. Most of the time it's in a school. It's probably is the school color.


Lonnie and Mary-Ann found a letter on Tyrones desk that said Paul on it. Lonnie went and asked Paul about the letter. Paul said don't worry about it and Paul throw a punch at Lonnie. There was a fight and then they made up and had a soda and talked about the letter.Then they found out that Cal was a pro basketball player. Then Lonnie was talking to Mary-Ann about Paul. Mary-Ann asked Lonnie to marry her.


Man vs. Man

Lonnie vs all of the other basketball players in a tournament

How the book ends.

Cal and tyrone were fighting. Then tyrone stabed Cal in the side.They won the championship tournament.They won by breeze shoting the ball in a nick of time and got a buzzer-beater.Yes,Lonnie changes by caring for cal instead of hating him.