How and why did Hitler hate Jews.


How it all started

It was the year of 1933 and Adolf Hitler had just become president Of Germany. Soon after that he had forced the Germans to let him become dictator of Germany. And then he started his hatred for the Jewish by convincing all of the Germans that all problems were caused by the Jewish and that the Jewish peoples belifs and religons were all wrong.
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What he did to the Jewish

What he did to the Jewish

Adolf Hitler separated children from their parents and his army killed their parents while they went to an orphanage.He also put adult Jews in gas chambers witch were tiny rooms that were filled with poisonous gasses and meant certain death. And if he knew that you were a Jew he would hire someone to kill that certain person. And once Hitler got so mad at a Jew that he put acid in his shower.And he put them in a concentration camp.Like the one below.