Are Restaurants to Blame?

Should Restaurants be Blamed for Obesity?

Maybe Resataurants aren't the blame..

Many people believe obesity comes from eating unhealthy foods, but there are other ways to become obese. One of those ways is, genetics, it's possible to be born with an obesity gene. Obesity is linked to a few other diseases, meaning if you have a history or genetic history of the Gout, Strokes, Diabetes, etc., its possible to become obese.

Consumers or Producers?

It is very true that Restaurants produce unhealthy foo, but it is also true that YOU choose to spend your hard earned money on fast food. Ms. Nia Williams says "The Industry is simply giving consumer/customers what they want." I must say, I strongly agree with her opinion. Consumers choose to buy fast food because of the simple fact of THEY WANT IT.