BSMS Library Media Center News!

January 2014 Edition

January Statistics

  • There were a lot of snow days in January! Hopefully, the weather will improve and we all can get back on a regular routine. I saw a church sign driving home one night that read, "Those praying for snow -- STOP!"
  • Check outs for January - 3,309 - (7 snow days brought us down this month)
  • Compared to this time last year - 3,825
  • Check out for the year - 19,842
  • Compared to this time last year - 18,863

    • Number of classes in the library this month - 103 (semi-flexible schedule)
    • Number of research classes - 19
    • Number of classes in the library this year - 660 regular classes + 130 research classes
    • Total AR tests taken and passed from 8/14-1/31 – 4613

    Library Events

    1. SBDM held in the media center.

    2. 2 - Academic Team meetings

    3. Parent Night Highlighting Science Fair

    4. Battle of the Books meeting

    5. I went to Tom's Squad meeting with students

    6. Los Amigos meeting

    7. Set up book fair

    8. Staff Pot Luck held in media center.

    9. AR Prize Day

    10. All students watched spring book fair video encouraging students to read the newest titles.

    11. Preparing for Author visit, Patsy Trollinger, by reading Perfect timing to half of the students.

    Special Requests

    1. All students completed the youth Service Center survey through the library rotation.

    2. Several technology related requests were completed such as repairing WinTV issues.

    3. Collected data for Tom's Squad project for 6th grade classes.

    4. Completed 7th grade LDC Module pathfinder (web site).

    Staff Members of the Month

    Congratulations to Ms. Welch, Mr. Blair, and Ms. Sloan for using the library media center for research purposes this month. Stop by for a special treat!!

    Books Books And More Books!!!!!

    I read two books this month for Battle of the Books - All Alone in the Universe by Lynne Perkins and Ghost of Graylock by Dan Poplocki. I really liked Ghost of Graylock.