Third Grade Nuts & Bolts

Week of January 11

Happy New Year!

The third grade welcomes Justin Onysko to our class.

It is wonderful to have all the third graders back, and ready to begin the second half of their year.

Vocabulary / Spelling

This week students completed vocabulary Unit 9, "The Talent Show".

Next week's focus is Unit 10, "The Princess and the Pea". Monday homework is page 103, Tuesday's homework is pages104-105, Wednesday's homework is pages 106 and 107 , and Thursday's homework is to review for Friday's quiz.

The third grade class Spelling Bee is Tuesday, January 19. The winner and alternate will participate in the grades 3-8 Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 27 in the Middle School Commons. The time is TBD.


Through January 15, students will review the multiplication tables two through five. Various formative and summative assessments are given during this time. Second semester begins Tuesday, January 19 and is when third graders begin to learn the six through nine tables.

I encourage all students to use "ixl" as a way to practice math facts. It is important for all students to develop fluency of math facts. Of course, Sumdog is also another way students enjoy practicing their math facts.

A-Z Reading

This week,students are reading a selection about Brazil. This reading is also referenced in this week's geography lesson focusing on Brazil's "5 Themes of Geography". Next week's reading selection focuses on Martin Luther King, Jr. The remaining two weeks of January will offer reading selections about China and Egypt.


Students have enjoyed the challenge of identifying what technology is and what it is not. As a result, our activities sparked higher leveled thinking and interesting conversation. A new app which students enjoy is

Another activity students enjoy identifies problems engineers solve, or do they? It is titled "Tools of the Trade" and a copy is in your child's "Take Home" folder. Enjoy playing!

What do you do when you want to learn to play checkers, but don't have a checker board? Ask a third grader?

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The excitement has begun! Students are selecting their country which will be researched this spring. I am providing materials for most of the countries to allow time for students to preview their selected country. There is an opportunity to change countries. However, all country sections are final when we dismiss for spring break.

This week, students read an A-Z reading selection about Brazil. During geography, they identify Brazil's five themes of geography. Next week, students continue to explore Brazil and will be introduced to Ecuador's five themes of geography.