District 109 Community Update

May 21st, 2021

Next Week: An Early Edition & An Update on What Fall 2021 Looks Like

Coming next Thursday, look for this newsletter one day earlier. It's a holiday weekend. We get that your mind may be elsewhere on a Friday afternoon, especially if the weather is as nice as today!

Superintendent Simeck will include a note in next week's issue about Fall 2021-2022. It will be a snapshot of what we think the start of next school year will look like, and where the conversations are right now surrounding remote learning, SHIELD testing, and anything else. Like everything with this pandemic, plans are subject to change, but would be promptly communicated with you.

Monday's Board of Education Meeting Links & Agenda

The Board of Education Regular Meeting to be held on Monday, May 24, 2021, at 6:30 PM at the guidance of IL Open Meetings Act P.A. 101-0640 - this meeting will be virtual. The District Center will be open, but Board Members will not be physically present. Due to space constraints, capacity including staff will be limited.

Click to find the agenda, Zoom information, and details if you wish to participate in public comment. There will be a closed session that is first on the agenda, so if you are looking to tune in for everything that is Item #4 and down on the agenda, that portion of the meeting will not begin earlier than 7 p.m.

109 Gives Back: Helping A Friend

We honor 4th-grader Blake from South Park Elementary School - District 109 as she raises money to help a sick friend and fellow 109 classmate. Watch to learn more about her story and visit www.dps109.org/109GivesBack for more information. Way to go, Blake! #Engage109 #109GivesBack
109 Gives Back: Blake's Bracelets

COVID News Update

You will find the same information in the video as you do written below. Watch or read, you choose!
DPS 109 COVID News Update: May 21


The CDC updated their guidance last weekend to clarify that schools should continue with the same mitigation protocols they have been using for the rest of the school year. Therefore, DPS 109 will continue to require masks on school grounds.


You may have seen on the news this week that the Illinois State Board of Education adopted a resolution requiring schools to resume full in-person learning in the fall for the 21-22 school year. We are working to get clarity on how the wording of that resolution impacts our remote learners and what remote instruction would be available next school year. Superintendent Simeck will touch on this further in his update next week.

-5-day SHIELD positivity rate is 0%. (May 14, 17-20)

-Overall SHIELD positivity rate is 0.05% (out of all valid samples collected since Feb 17)

-New cases per 100K (as of 5/19) is 18.76 for zip code 60015 (yellow range)

-New cases per 100K (as of 5/19) for Lake County is 59.57 (orange range)

-Positivity rate (as of 5/8) for Lake County is 2.5% (blue range)

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