Madison Middle School

June 11th, 2021

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Bell Schedules for June 17th and 18th

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8th Grade Activities

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Previous Years Yearbooks for Sale

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Welcome our new Community Liaison!

We would like to welcome to Giovanna Martone- Vallejo to Madison Middle School. Mrs. Martone is coming to us from Mission Meadows. She will be replacing Ms. Boring who is going to Mission Vista High School. You can reach Mrs. Martone-Vallejo at 760-940-0176 ext. 62006 or email:
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21/22 Registration Information

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Virtual student textbook/chromebook return!

8th Grade virtual students and virtual students not returning to Madison can return their textbooks and chromebooks before or after the 8th Grade Breakfast on 6/18. After that, materials can be returned from 8 to 3:15 in the library until June 24th. Virtual 6th and 7th Graders wait to return their textbook until August, the 2021-2022 Madison registration.
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Oceanside Public Library Cards

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Honesty Deficit Disorder

Last week a parent called us for advice about how to deal with her daughter who tells lies and then denies that she is lying. As with many parents, this can cause enormous concern and frustration, as well as bewilderment about how to respond.

What can parents do when their children become truthfulness-challenged? If many adults in today’s world suffer from “Honesty Deficit Disorder,” who are we to think that our offspring are immune from this disorder? The good news is that conscientious parents can turn the tide on truth-bending behavior by applying the Three Es of Love and Logic.

The First “E” of Love and Logic: Example

Obviously, parents who act truthfully around their kids are far more likely to have kids who tell the truth. A not-so-obvious application of good modeling involves discussing our moral dilemmas with other adults when our children are within earshot. When our children overhear us talking about temptations, and how we’ve chosen truthfulness over deceit, powerful lessons get locked in.

The Second “E” of Love and Logic: Experience

When children lie, they need to experience logical consequences. One of the most practical involves expecting them to replace any energy they’ve drained from us because of their fibbing. Does lying drain your parental energy? In our audio, Love and Logic Magic: When Kids Drain Your Energy, we teach that children should be responsible for replacing drained energy by completing extra chores, allowing their parents to rest instead of driving them places they want to go, or whatever else might help us regain our energy.

The Third “E” of Love and Logic: Empathy

Those who understand the Love and Logic approach understand that consequences preceded with empathy are far more effective than consequences delivered with anger, guilt, or sarcasm. An added benefit of responding to our children’s mistakes with empathy is that they’ll be far more likely to admit making them. Do you want your children to be afraid of you when they blunder? Do you want them to hide their mistakes rather than bringing them to your attention? Of course you don’t! That’s why it’s so important to discipline with love rather than lectures.

Be sure to provide examples of how you choose to tell the truth and next time you encounter symptoms of Honesty Deficit Disorder in your kids, provide a healthy dose of empathy and then let the consequences do the teaching.

Thanks for reading! If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend. Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

Dr. Charles Fay

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************************* Older News ****************************

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Promotion Details: Updated INFO!!!

We are continuing to develop our drive thru Promotion! Here are the updates:

  • June 17th Starting at 9am. A scheduler will be sent out for families to sign up for a specific time slot.
  • We will have two photo opportunities and music
  • Fun photo and photo on the stage: Student photographers will take the pictures and families will have access to the photos for free!!!
  • Link will be provided for families to stream the promotion speeches when driving through the parking lot!
  • One car per student. You are encouraged to decorate your car!!!

June 18th: 8th grade Breakfast and Yearbook Signing (More details to come).

Chromebook and Textbook return for 8th graders: Information coming soon.

Note: On Thursday, June 17th, 8th graders are only expected to attend the drive thru promotion ceremony. No 8th graders will be attending school this day. Students will be marked present when they enter the parking lot for the ceremony.

ALL 8th Graders (Virtual & Classic) are encouraged to come to school on Friday, June 18th for the 8th grade Breakfast and 8th Grade Field Celebration!!!

Exciting New Opportunities for Students, Design Labs come to Madison!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our PLC (Personal Learning Communities) initiative to offer 7th and 8th grade students a content or subject specific Design Lab where they can pursue a skill or passion outside of the main core classes. In a way, this class is their second elective! The class will maintain a few of our PLC elements such as mentoring, character building, advisory, etc. but for much of the week students will explore and learn in their Design Lab content!

Students will begin by showing their interest in classes they would like for their design lab. Based on what students select, Madison will determine which design labs to offer next year. Students will then be scheduled into design labs with consideration of their interests and academic needs.

What do I need to know?

  • Students will have the opportunity to enroll in a Design Lab each semester.

  • Most design labs are 1 semester in length, but there may be some that are a full year.

  • The purpose of Design Labs is to support the expansion of our PLC initiative by allowing students to pursue a skill, passion and/or real world problems outside of a main core class!

  • Descriptions will be sent out to students next week.

  • Madison will work very hard to match students with their interests; however, we cannot make any guarantees due to student demand and staffing. Design Lab switches may not be accommodated once the semester begins. Students will switch Design Labs at semester.

  • All interests are due by Wednesday 5/26/21. Students who don’t select by the due date will be placed in a design lab that has available space.

Sneak Peak: Design Labs

Here are just a few we thought we'd share with you!!!

Advanced Coding and 3D Printing

Video game design/coding and 3D printing- what could be better? Computers II builds upon the concepts learned in Computers I. Explore various types of coding software, including Scratch, Gamestar Mechanic, Code Warriors, Code Avengers, and others. Learn to code games through object oriented programming as well as JavaScript. 3D design through Tinkercad and SketchUp with real-world applications. Keyboarding is practiced daily

Entrepreneur Study

In this course, students will learn the ins and outs of running a business, from ordering products, managing a schedule, working as a cashier, managing employees, and dealing with money such as taxes and deposits. Students will also learn how to prepare for interviews and how to make yourself stand out for an employer.

Student Store Management

This course would require time outside of class so that we can sell products such as school supplies and food to everyone on campus.

Mixed Media Arts

This class gives students a chance to explore a wide range of media including fiber and textile arts, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. Projects are developed for students to express themselves through their work and vary from session to session. This course will also offer in-depth exploration of techniques and new ways to see, use, and interpret found objects. Students will create multi-directional compositions with a variety of materials, paint, images, found objects, and other materials. Students will develop technical skills and personal style.

Topics include:

  • Dyeing, batik, shibori (indigo), tie-dye, natural dyes, resist dyeing, cyanotype.
  • Stitch Arts: Hand and machine sewing, quilting, embroidery, samplers.
  • Paint & Pencil: Acrylics, watercolors, graphite.
  • Yarn and Fiber: Knitting, crochet, weaving, macrame, friendship bracelets.
  • 3D Arts: Wire-working, jewelry and beading, stuffed plushes, clay, candle-making.

Video Game Design

Study the aspects of video game design and examine the successful and unsuccessful traits of a large variety of video games. Then as a class embark on the process of designing the ideal game. Including art, character design, Storyboarding, dialogue scripting, game mechanics and level progression, marketing, music, sound effects etc. If time and resources permit use Unity software or other programing tools to make a basic version of the game.

Creative Writing

In this course, students will learn to share their thoughts in a fun and creative way. Students will learn how to write characters, plot twists, and genre specific pieces.

Aspiring Authors

Do you dream of becoming a published author someday? Well, Christopher Paolini wrote his first novel, Eragon, when he was fifteen years old. So “someday” can start NOW! In this course, you will learn the fundamental strategies and techniques used by published authors for planning and writing your own novels!

Book Club

What’s better than reading? Reading with friends! In this class, you will group up with friends to read and discuss the books that interest you most.

World Explorers

This is a class for kids who dream of traveling the world. We’ll explore the cultures, sights, and histories of the world’s coolest travel destinations as well as the practical requirements that it takes to get there. We’ll finish up the semester by applying what you’ve learned to plan your very own Bucket List trip to a destination of your choice.

Mysteries in History

Was King Tut murdered? Did the Trojan Horse actually exist? Was King Arthur a real person? Who really discovered the Americas? In this class, we will investigate some of history’s greatest and most pervasive mysteries.

Race Cars and Roller Coasters

On 3 different engineering projects, students will use design thinking in order to create a product. Students will create carbon dioxide dragsters, prop racers, and very large marble roller coasters from cardstock and other materials. In addition to using design thinking, students will also enrich their understanding of the physics principles involved in motion.

Isaac Butts: Kindness v. Niceness

Madison Kindness vs Niceness

Bell Schedules

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Classic Updates

Classic Reminders

We look forward to Classic students returning to 5 days of in-person learning after Spring Break.

Breakfast: Gates open at 8:00 am and breakfast will be served to all students. Classes start promptly at 8:30 am.

Lunch time: Students will be social distancing at lunch (6ft apart). Two students per Square and circle tables and 6ft apart on the long tables and planter box seats. As soon as students are done eating we will be opening up our track, fields and courts for students.

Sneeze Guards: All Classic students will be checked out a portable sneeze guard to take to each class. They will be taking their sneeze guard home with them each day and are required to wash their sneeze guard prior to returning to school.

It is imperative that our entire Madison community follow clear expectations so that we can return as safely as possible. These expectations will include procedures and requirements for the following:

  • wearing of face masks
  • arrival and dismissal
  • one directional hallways during passing periods and lunch
  • social distancing inside and outside of the classroom
  • lunch procedures
  • bringing their charged Chromebook* and personal supplies every day
  • practicing safe hygiene, including washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer when entering classrooms
  • daily health screening of your student

To help our students understand and follow these expectations, we will be re-sharing a Madison COVID-19 Student Agreement that we will ask parents to read and students to sign. We really want to see our students, and we definitely want to see them safely! We will also be covering these important details in the first few days of in-person learning once Classic students are on campus with us. The first week of school we will be taking student temperatures. Our Madison Covid-19 Prevention Program is posted on our Madison website for your reference, along with other important documents.

We continue to need our families to be partners in these efforts to keep everyone safe by reinforcing these requirements and by ensuring that if students are showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, they must not come to school.

We will continue to cover and share information with our students and families as we get it so that we can be sure everyone understands procedures.

As always, reach out for any questions and or concerns you may have.

Below are the health and safety reminders. Please review them with your student.

We are excited to see our Classic Mustangs coming back to campus M-Fri!

Health & Safety

Before You Leave Home

Check your child for the following non-chronic or non-previously reported pre-existing symptoms:

  • Fever (>100 degrees)

  • Cough

  • Congestion, runny nose (non-allergy related)

  • Sore throat

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

  • Chills

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Shortness of breath

If you/your child has any of these symptoms, stay home and have a parent call the office at: 760-940-0176

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Morning Drop Off, Afternoon Dismissal and Bus Info

Morning Drop Off

In order to ensure that our students are socially distanced at drop-off and pick-up, we have created new guidelines and procedures.


Drop-off will start at 8:00am. Buses will arrive between 8:00am-8:25am.

Bus Drop Off

  • Buses will be unloaded one-at-a-time and students need to walk to their assigned gate.

  • All students must be wearing a face covering while on and upon exiting their bus.

  • After students enter the campus, they will go to the quad area. If a student eats breakfast at school, they will walk directly to the cafeteria for a “grab and go” breakfast.

  • Students must stay in the quad and cafeteria area until 8:20 am at which time they may begin to move to their 1st class of the day.

Parent Drop Off

  • Parents must use the main/staff parking lot to drop off students no earlier than 8:00am

  • All students must be wearing a face covering upon exiting their/the drop-off vehicle.

  • If a student is dropped off/arrives before 8:00am. Social distancing must be adhered to.

Student Entering Campus

As students exit the drop-off vehicle, they need to walk directly to the assigned gate. See pic below

  • 6th Graders Enter Main Gate (Orange)

  • 7th Graders Enter North Gate (blue)

  • 8th Graders Enter Fire Lane (Hot Pink)

After students enter the campus, they will go to the quad area . If a student eats breakfast at school, they will walk directly to the cafeteria for a “grab and go” breakfast. Students must stay in the quad and cafeteria area until 8:20 am at which time they may begin to move to their 1st class of the day.

***Visitors are not allowed on campus at this time. Parents/Guardians will not be allowed into school buildings unless there is a special circumstance or an appointment has been made. Any attendance issues can be addressed via email or a phone call. If there is an issue or concern please call the main office at 760-940-0176.

Late Arrivals

  • All students must be wearing a face mask upon exiting their drop-off vehicle.

  • Families are required to send a note with their child explaining why they are late.

  • Any student who arrives after school has started will enter the school via the front door of the main office.

  • The student will check-in with attendance, get a late pass, and go directly to their class.

  • At this time visitors will not be allowed on campus. Parents/Guardians will not be allowed into school buildings unless there is a special circumstance or by appointment only. If there is an issue or concern please call the main office at 760-940-0176.

Drop Off Map & Hallway Directions- Large

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Afternoon Dismissal

Buses will arrive and dismissal will begin at 3:08 pm. Classrooms will be grouped into small groups and students will be dismissed one area group at a time.

Dismissal Plan: Just like last year we will not have a dismissal bell.

500’s will be released at 3:02 - Front Main Gates (Orange)

300’s will be released at 3:05 - Front Main Gates (Orange)

400’s will be released at 3:08 - North Gate (blue)

PE and 100’s will be released at 3:08 - Fire Lane (Hot Pink)

  • Maximizes social distancing and minimizes contact between students, staff and parents.

  • Maximizes the number of exit points from the campus while maintaining student safety.

  • Establishes plans to prevent/minimize the congregation of students on campus or near campus at the end of each day.

Buses: students will go directly to their bus. Face masks must be worn at all times.

Pick up: students will go directly to the pick up vehicle or, if needed, wait on the grass in front of the band room or outside the front gates while maintaining social distance and wearing a face mask at all times. Parents must wait in their vehicles for their students.

Walking home: All students are expected to exit campus safely and follow all health and safety protocols (masks/social distancing) while walking home.

Afternoon Dismissal Map - Large

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Bussing Info


School buses will be available for students who qualify per district boundaries (see below); the following protocols must be adhered to in order to utilize VUSD transportation. Please note that social distancing guidelines will be followed as much as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Should you have questions, please contact transportation.

Students who live two miles away or more from the school, may apply for school bus transportation. For more information please call transportation at 760-726-2170 ext. 92804.

For students who choose to ride the bus to and/or from school:

  • Face masks will be required at all times. If a student forgets their face mask, one will be provided for them. If a student refuses to wear a face mask, they will not be permitted to enter or ride the bus. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to know this before they arrive at the bus stop.

  • Buses will be loaded from back to front in accordance with current county and public health guidelines. A seating arrangement that fits these guidelines will be put in place.

  • All buses will be disinfected according to CDPH guidelines before and after each and every daily run.

  • Buses have appropriate ventilation and windows and roof hatches will be partially open, when weather permits.

  • All school bus drivers will wear face masks; this includes any additional VUSD staff who may be on the bus and this could also include gowns or gloves, if deemed necessary.

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Madison after school tutoring schedule

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Counseling Corner

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District News

Dr. Doyle's latest Community Update can be found by clicking the link.

Have a great evening and please feel free to visit the Vista Unified website, the Madison website or call the school at 760-940-0176 if you need additional information.


Mr. Bailey