Travel Quest



One place I would love to travel to is Brazil. It is located in South America. A lot of tourist arrive to Rio. They're are beaches and exotic places to visit. Not to forget Brazil is filled with slums. Brazil's populations is over 200.4 million. Their government type is federal republic with 2 legislative houses and their capital is Brasilia. One thing you would need to know is that their currency is Brazilian Real and their main language is Portuguese.



One of Brazil's popular tradition are the carnivals. They're are celebrated very often in the streets of Rio and other places in Brazil. These carnivals are filled with floats, dancers, musician, and elaborate costumes. Also these carnivals are celebrations of African ancestry and Roman Catholic festival. I hope to attend one in the future.


Brazil's most popular sport is soccer and they're are very passionate fans. In 2014 there World Cup was in Rio De Janeiro. They picked a great place for this occasion because soccer is played everywhere by young and old. Brazil's soccer team has great players and are against top contenders in the World Cup. Watching these games is a tradition to Brazilians and I find very interesting.