150 years of mistreatment

written by: Madison Bufkin

Slavery in America

Slavery began in Europe when Africans were kidnapped, taken on ships and sold Into slavery. These people were used as slaves in the U.S. and the "high" class people were to buy these men, women, and children. Many people thought this was barbaric and misproductive, but then they saw how much work was getting done and they decided to get slaves of their own. In America, slaves were treated very poorly by most, they would be beaten, whipped, burned, rapped, and even killed for not following their "master's" rules.

These slaves were living in very poor conditions such as: very little food ,water , and medicine. many of the slaves died of sickness or being beaten to death. Some slaves were lucky and were able to escape, but if they were caught they would be beaten or worse killed by gun. when people learned that slaves were escaping they got worried as if the slaves were dangerous.

After one-hundred years of slavery there were to be fifty more years of discrimination. Africans were allowed in certain places with a sign saying "colors only." Then the racism slowed, now it is coming out in different forms like with not only African's but with the natives, homosexuals, christens, and mentally handicapped. Today in our economy it isn't "right" to be these type of people and people try to hard to hide it or completely disown that that they are apart of these "type" of people. now don't get me wrong these people have been mistreated for hundreds of years, but the Africans were in a more violent version of racism. So I decided that just cause someone is or acts in a way you don't like dosnt mean they don't matter. because one day that person might just grow up and become presedent or some millionaire.

Race Relations

We have decided in order to show teenagers what happened we are going to make a movie called "Love though summer nights!' it is about a very wealthy man's daughter who falls in love with a African American, and their love is put to the test. when the girl's parents, friends ,family , and her ex-fiancé try with all their might to break them apart, Now yes there are many things that could be called "racist" but it is based on true story's. The character's are fiction but some of the events and acts were quite real. it is based off the best selling book by Madison Bufkin "Love Through Summer Nights. this love story will move people to tears, shock you, and show that love may conquer most but something's just cant change peoples point of view on other people. the trials they go though moved them closer, it also tears them apart. when you watch this or read the book just remember make sure you are perfect, before you judge someone for how they look. love can be powerful, but also dangerous. they will face hurt, criticism, and a loss. but when this summers greatest movie hits the theaters you will learn love and don't judge others. this film will help bring us together.
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Love Through Summer Nights