By Gavin Andler

What is a phone?

A phone is a human-made object, or artifact, that uses connections and signals to send and recieve information in various ways, such as a message or a phone call.

The phone is most likely part of the Information and Communication area of technology.

What is the purpose of a phone?

The main purpose of a phone is to send messages and recieve them from long or short distances in a matter of seconds. This was created to have a computer that could send messages, and sometimes not even on internet, and be able to fit in a pocket.

The original inventor of the mobile phone

Alexander Graham Bell is the original inventor of the phone, and the modern cell phone with a touch-screen wasn't invented till 1992, when the IBM Simon released as the first touch-screen smartphone.

Original Use VS. Today's Use

The phone back in the day was used almost only to send calls to other people. Calls was the way of long-distance messages until E-mail and Messages (texting) were made and made their way into phones. Now, phones are used in various ways, such as playing games, watching videos, texting, listening to music, and serching the web. This definetly shows the evolution of the phone.

Innovations of the phone

At first, the phone could only send calls, then Messages and Emails (December 3,1992) came, then the touchscreen (1992), Then games (1997) on the nokia phone, and now, the fingerprint sensor (2013).

The phone just kept on improving.

Impacts (Positive)

The phone had many positive impacts, such as making long-distance,fast and easy messages become possible, giving people acsses almost anywhere (3G, LTE), Entertainment(Youtube and Games), and even Learning(language and school lessons)!

Impacts (Negative)

While the phone has some many great things about it, there are always bad things.

The phone can be a major destraction, especialy to teens in school. phones also required power to use, and not all phones are energy productive. For example, my phone (LG G4)

is a great phone, yet it's power saving isn't so well. Another major impact is messages. Messages give a huge opprotunity to cyper-bullies.

How Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have made this artifact

Science- Discovered that they can send information in signals and recieve them as well

Technology- Invent something that can send and recieve signals without a huge delay

Engineering- Designed the phone by taking all the things Science, Math, and Technology got and using materials to make it work

Math- Made all the calculations of materials needed and size, width, and length of the phone

If I had the ability to change the product in any way:

I would make the screen holographic (or 3D), i would increase the processor compatibility with certain games, and the camera's aperature