Maddy Ruddick

Ceramics 1

The vine

I kind of winged it in this coil project. It was very time consuming and to be honest i wanted to just get it done. I had mant problems with this piece. I tried to solve some of them but soon gave up. I wasnt very successful with this piece. I wish I would have had a better idea of what i wanted and made it a tad bigger. Overall, it was OK.


I created this project because I was inspired by memes. I wanted to do my best. Well as you may know I am a perfectionist and it had to be perfect! I wish i could just over look the little things and do quality work at the same time. I was satisfied with my work. But i would make it more durrable. (this was the slab piece that a teacher lost)

Critique one

This piece of art work has dark shades of brown and black. This piece also is very smooth and has some round and curved edges/lines. This piece has some pointed tips and a hollow center as well. This pieace is clearly asymmetrical because if you were to cut in in half any direction, it would not be a mirror image.

This piece has neutral colors such as black and brown. This piece has shape; this piece is "free." The texture in this piece is very smooth. I see unity in color, but not very much in shape. This piece is a whole that is made up of positive space.

This sculpture seems very modern. From what i have gathered, this artist seems to be from this centry. This piece portrays a kind of dark emotion? Maybe symbolizing thought?

Overall, this piece looks successful. It is very smooth and has great craftsmanship. This piece has great balance and when you look at it it moves smoothly. It is very nicely done!

Critique two

This piece is all white/gray. This piece also has some cracks in it and some broken pieces making seem old (or is old). This piece is smooth in some parts and rough in others. There is actual texture and visual texture.

This sculpture definatly has unity. This sculpture has lots of texture; i feel like i can touch it and feel it just looking at it. This sculpture has good balance. This piece is also asymmetrical. This piece has 50/50 positive and negative space.

This sculpture looks Greek? It looks like these three men are fighting a serpant. Their facal expressions show defeat and that they are scared. They are naked which makes me think this was back in B.C. TImes.

I really enjoy this piece. it is nicely done and very smooth in places it's supposed to be and rough in others. This piece has great unity and flows nicely. Great piece!