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September 19-23

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Information for our Campus

Monday, September 19, after today, no more schedule changes or a student has a withdraw/failing on their record

Tuesday, September 20 Greenback Night, PTA is serving dinner

Wednesday, September 21

Thursday, September 22 Community Education classes begin

Friday, September 23, T-TESS goal due

Super Saturday is tomorrow, September 17. All buildings will be used, including the ABC building. Our first Saturday school also starts tomorrow!

There is still a small amount of monies available from the PTA for teacher conferences. We are looking for ways to send teachers to gain additional training that will not require travel or hotel. If you have a conference you would like to attend, please let me know so I can put in your request.

Important Dates

September 20-Greenback Night

September 23- T-TESS Goal Setting Due

September 27- 7:45 MANDATORY meeting with Johnny Vahalik, science conference room, 8247

September 30-ELL paperwork due

October 3 & 4- Rosh Hashanah

October 3- Grades upload at 2:30 for 6 weeks Progress Report...UIL ELIGIBILITY!


October 7- Early Release

October 10- Staff Development Day

October 11- T-TESS observations begin, Yom Kippur

October 14- End of 1st 9 weeks

October 17- Grades upload at 4 for 1st 9 weeks GTCH

October 27- Big 50th Celebration Event

November 3- Course Convention (when we put in for what courses we want to offer next year)

Information from Johnny

Still No Budget News. We have just about spent the monies that central office has given us to start the year, so until I get a budget I will not be approving any more spending.

Be a part of the IMA process, as we will have these textbooks for a very long time!

Please follow CTE at NEISD on twitter: @NEISDCTE Also, when you tweet, please post to their account so it will show up on their twitter. Let students and families know as well.

ELL Paperwork Due in 2 weeks!.....September 30

Go to CTE webpage on intranet to ELL link. All forms are there.

I have asked our ELL coordinator to get you your list of students; however, if you go to mainframe you can see it there under STSB, F6, A, B and print. Note that the last two categories are reversed on the printed form that you fill out. Remember that you need to keep a copy and give me 2 copies. Just FYI those 2 copies go to central office and to our ELL coordinator here at WC.

Link to ELL paperwork

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Short 9 Weeks

This is a short 9 weeks (only 8). Next PROG is uploaded on October 3, but then the next week is a 4 day week and the 9 week ends on Friday. So, students will receive a progress report on October 7 and then grades close one week later for the 9 weeks. Make sure your students are aware of this.

Secondary Instructional Monthly (Technology Tips)

We have a new great IT, Wes Ryan. He will be a great asset to WC. Check out the monthly update on the IT blog for hints and helps with using technology in our classrooms. See box below.

Applaud Corner

Thank you everyone for getting PROG in; things went rather smoothly.
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