The effect and health

The effect and health when dealing with mosquitoes

Mosquito Bites

Exemplified by the investigation which mosquitoes lactic acid (a component of sweat) found very attractive. But there were also motes where mosquitoes were not cold or warm or where they ran out of whack.

When the researchers latter motes in a cage with mosquito let go and then put their hand in the cage, there ... nothing happened. "They all remain seated and almost did not even notice that the hand is. They are unable or less able to perceive odors. " Find best reviews here:

I did, he did not and that substances that make us invisible to mosquitoes come so naturally on the skin of some people. It may explain why some people are never bitten by mosquitoes and why others in the summer are always under the mosquito bites.

The researchers are hopeful that their study may result. New agents against mosquitoes the substances that make us invisible to mosquitoes have namely a molecular structure that we already encounter today in medicine and other products the day. And thus are the fabrics suitable for inclusion in cosmetics, lotions and clothing and thus protect against mosquitoes us.


Scientists are finally out ... why we like people listen to sad music?
Surprisingly, it is surprising because previous research showed that music we listen as adolescents, the largest (emotional) impact on our lives. But this study suggests that the music to which we are exposed as children affects.

The immense stagnation in the treatment of chronic pain

Critically - With 15 million affected patients in Germany pain disorders are not a side issue.

The immense stagnation in the treatment of chronic pain requires consequences, stressed Professor Marcus Schoolchildren, Heidelberg. Pain physicians are encouraged to question their own work. »Doctors act not only because they want to help and heal, but also because they define themselves through their technical skills and so serve their vanity," Schoolchildren pointed out. Would often diagnosed too much, search only the physical causes and initiated somatic treatment approaches.

Pain medication will be used to undifferentiated and the psychosocial factors considered too little. »Social sores cannot be cured by painkillers like smarties look without questioning the underlying causes of pain," says the doctor.

Those social and psychological factors involved in disease and therapy play a role, sometimes is not recognized by the medical community and the patient. Skepticism and rejection psychosomatic connections from both the patients and by physicians lead to serious misunderstandings in communication," stated later in the Congress Hans-Gunter Obis, Bad Salesmen. "We can observe that physicians punish by depriving patients of their interest, if they - hurt and disappointed - that, in spite of their interventions do not improve stop off.

We also see that pain patients, who are fed a multimedia treatment concept, refuse in the mistaken belief they are dropped and deported. "