A Trip To Chicago

Tyre Fleming

One day I got up out of bed, and I was like, man I want to go to chiraq aka Chicago. So, I called my friend lil Durk and I said man I've been thinking about taking a trip down there to Chicago. He said man do whatever, so I went back in my room and packed my bags. I said I'm going to Chicago. On my way to the airport, the clouds were getting darker and it started to pour down.

At the beginning of the incident, I got into an altercation with someone in Chicago, had no clue who the person was and my thoughts was to just watch my back and make sure no one else was coming from any hidden areas. So, I just walked away and from that day I tried to stay away from trouble.

I went up to one of the studios in Chicago, on my way up there I got into an altercation. Simply because he was running of at the mouth and was just belittling me as a person, and I was not going to stand for it. It's really sad how people who don't even know you will try and start something, just because.

I've learned from that day forward, to have thick skin and to call my boys, if I need them. Also, also try to prevent from being in any other altercation. But the people in todays world will decide they don't like you for no reason and decide to start something with you.

The lesson I learned is to watch my surroundings, have thick skin, and not to let people get the best of you in any type situation. They will occur and it takes a real strong individual to walk away from any altercation.