Transition Plus September 30th

It's pumpkin spice everything season!

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Full School Presentation

Hi All-

We will have a US Para Athlete here on Tuesday 10/1 from 2-3 pm. Please be sure to come down between 1:40-1:50 so we can be sure to start on time.

Here is the link to Lex's page.

Picture Day!

Monday, October 14th is picture day. All staff and students will have their picture taken. Be ready to strike a pose!

Engagement News

On behalf of the engagement team, the Behavior/Incident Referral Report and the TPlus Behavior Form are for levels 3-4 behavior incidents. You are welcome to fill out the form online and email to Erin Ditmarson, or print out the document and return it to Erin's mailbox. These forms can be used for any student, and are meant to document levels 3-4 behaviors only. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the engagement team. Thank you!

Tree Trust update

Students who have applied and interviewed for the Tree Trust paid training have been invited to attend the "Mental Toughness Week" or also called the "Tryout Week," which is THIS WEEK, September 30th through October 4th.

Students need to make their own way to:

North Commons Rec Center

1801 James Avenue North in Minneapolis

They must arrive BEFORE 9:00am with positive attitudes and participate until 3:00pm.

They will do that for 5 days straight - (no tardiness or absences.)

If successful with attendance and cooperative performance, they will be officially on board with Tree Trust. Every other week they will participate in construction/building training and will receive $13 per hour (9am - 3pm) and during their "off weeks" they will attend their regular classes at Transition Plus - and they even receive some payment for successfully attending school.

Right now, there are 16 students in the running to attend this program. Teachers will get a copy of the calendar so we can all keep track of which week we are on.

Good luck, Tree Trust candidates!


Thursday, October 3rd from 11:15am to 1:30pm (including drive time.)

We have about 5 or or 6 more slots (15 students total) available for students to attend this great event. John's construction/carpentry students have priority, but if other students are interested in the building trades, please give work coordinators their names and remind students to attend on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd.

Bus will leave: 11:15am and return to school by 1:30pm (bring lunches)

What is CONSTRUCT TOMORROW? For those who are new to Construct Tomorrow:

"The Construct Tomorrow program provides students information about apprenticeship career training and opportunities in the construction industry." - This is a one-day EVENT.

There will be staff members from the agency, apprenticeship coordinators, prime and sub-contractors and local educators. Students will be able to "try on," with hands-on experience, many of the various building trades.

They will get to work with apprentices and journey-level workers to wire circuits, trowel cement, set tile, try their hand at pipe fitting and more.

If your students are "hands-on learners," this could be an important career path for them.

Please forward names of students who have an interest in the building trades, so we can save seats for them on the bus. Bus will leave on Thursday, Oct. 3rd at 11:15am.

Please take a moment and check out the new WBL/ Employment bulletin board outside the Work Coordinator office (T227).

We have tons of postings on Career Training opportunities, Employers who are hiring, and Job Fairs in our area.

Work coordinators can assist students with resume creation (& updates) and individual job search efforts. Please encourage students to check out the listings!

Minnesota Wild Teacher Appreciation Night

We want to invite you out to our Third Annual Teacher Appreciation Night!

Ticket includes: T-shirt, $5 donation to Education Minnesota Foundation, Pre-game On-Ice Photo and entered into the drawing for autographed items, and game experiences!

Big picture

Some of the businesses that students are visiting en masse are concerned about theft. To relieve that stress, please remind students to leave large purses and school bags at school when they go offsite to the stores.

If students have shopping bags with them when they enter a store, they are welcome to leave them at the front counter while they do their shopping. This will also be communicated to South High.

Greetings from the school counseling department!

I would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to everyone for all of your support, patience, and flexibility in scheduling our students. Best team ever!

Any new schedule changes made will now require completion of the change of schedule form, to be signed by case manager, social worker, and principal (certain programmatic/safety exceptions may apply).

In addition to scheduling and academic course planning, there are a variety of other counseling-related services I can provide to you and your students. Examples of such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting with students regarding goal-completion, post-secondary opportunities, resume-building, career exploration, social/emotional & problem-solving, etc.

  • Assisting students in creating their self-led IEP presentations (with direction from case managers)

  • Assisting students in creating and compiling portfolio materials

  • Small groups focusing on social/emotional or academic/readiness topics

Thank you!

Rachel Prince

Weekly SEL Message

Advisory classes should be continuing to work on Self-Awareness. If you need help to find the resources on Google, please reach out to me. In the next two weeks I hope to visit classes to see how the three signature practices are going. Please know there is no judgement, only support. The three signature practices that should be included in each lesson are:

1. Warm Welcome

2. Engaging Practices

3. Optimistic Close

Have a great week!


Food Service News

There is a lot of exciting news coming from the Food Service class!

Breakfast sandwiches will be sold each Wednesday morning from approximately 10:30-11:30. Sandwiches consist of an English muffin, sausage patty, egg, and cheese. We are happy to take special orders. WE have gluten free bread, turkey sausage, egg whites only, skip the cheese, etc. If you miss the Coffee Cart, feel free to come down to the kitchen. $2.50 for a regular sandwich, $3.00 for gluten free or some special orders.

Students will be preparing and delivering Meal Deals for staff on Thursdays. This includes a sandwich or soup, chips, drink and cookie. These orders will be taken early in the week. The cost is $5.50. Thanks to Dave in the Coffee Shop for organizing this!

Fall Bakery Order Forms are available in the office by the mailboxes or click here. If you need something for a gathering at home or at school, please keep us in mind.

Please be on the lookout for a missing jacket. It is a light weight black Swiss Tech jacket with no hood. I believe it is the shell to a winter coat. A student wore it to school on Monday, September 9th, and it went missing that day. Please see Brett if you have any information.

Please Clean up after yourself

Please remember:

If you take something - put it back where you found it. The engineers have been continually looking for door stops- if you borrow one - put it back. If more need to be ordered - let me know!

Please clean up after yourself when using the break room and especially the microwaves. Also, remind students to clean their mess if they spill something in the microwave.

VRS Counselors

The three VRS Counselors we have working with TPlus are:

Please reach out with questions or needs!

Coming Up at TPlus


Tuesday--------------- Licensed Staff Mtg -----------------------------8:30 --------Send me any agenda items

----------------------------- Assembly--------------------------------------------2:00-3:00



Friday------------------- ILT--------------------------------------------------------8:30

October 11----------- Latinx Celebration/ Salsa

October 14------------ Picture Day

October 16 ---------- Flu Clinic---------------------------------------------11:30 - 2:30

Third Friday of the Month-------Newsletter Submissions for Families

The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

It is a pretty quiet talk but with a little pre-teaching, it could be pretty cool. This is a girl who uses her autism to an advantage - she can focus better on the climate issues without getting muddled up with distractions.