Lewis Waterman

Fountain Pen


We use a pen almost every day. Signing homework, writing, signing contracts, making grocery list, and so on. Where would we be if no one had invented a fountain pen that wouldn't leak? We would be covered in ink!

This Is Lewis Waterman

About Lewis Waterman

Lewis Waterman was born in Decatur, NY on November 18, 1887. He lived in Brooklyn, NY and died on May 1, 1901. He is considered a great inventor of the Industrial Revolution because he invented a pen that wouldn't leak.
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The Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen was invented in 1883 in his brother's workshop. Even though he only invented the fountain pen it was a big invention and it led to the pens we use today.
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Why He Invented the Fountain Pen

After an unfortunate incident where his pen leaked on an important contract, Lewis Waterman invented the fountain pen so that he would never have to be embarrassed again.

What the Fountain Pen Was Used For and Who It Benefitted

The fountain pen was used for writing. It made writing easier and the pen didn't leak. It benefitted authors, teachers, buisnessman, newspaper writers, and really anyone that wrote.