Health and Safety Standards

EHS Grantee’s must follow local licensing laws for all of its programs. The Performance Standards also have specific, detailed regulations regarding facilities that all grantees must follow, such as required space for children, prohibition of toxic materials in the facility, and emergency procedures for staff and children.
The Office’s providers must be in compliance with requirements for age-appropriate immunizations of children enrolled in the school readiness program, minimum health and safety training appropriate to the provider setting, and health and safety of its premises and facilities.
Minimum standards include requirements for sanitary and safety conditions, food, physical environment, nap, fire transportation, first aid treatment, emergency procedures, and pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The minimum standards require that at least one staff person trained in CPR must be present at all times that children are present.
All three agencies have very similar regulations and EHS and the Office refer to Licensing as the standard to follow for Health and Safety in a child care setting.