History of India

How it affects culture, economy, and society.

Population Pyramid

India has a population of 1.252 billion people; the majority of population is made up of youth. Nearly 41% of the population consists of people below the age of 20 and has the world's largest youth population. India adds almost 1,000,000 to its population every 20 days.

More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_planning_in_India (social)

Cultural Traits:

India has one of the oldest and most diverse cultures in history.


  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Urdu
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Assamese
  • Sinhalese
Since India used to be owned by the British, most of the population can speak English.


  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Jainism
  • Zoroastrianism
  • Judaism
The official religion in Hinduism


Bollywood is a Mumbai-based Hindi-speaking film industry in India. It is considered one of the biggest film industries in the world regarding its amount of films produced. Most of the film plots are melodramatic and include singing hence why most Bollywood actors are singers as well.

Cultural Pictures

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The ancient culture of India created a multiparty democracy where ethnic groups, family dynasties, and religion play an important role in the leaders and policies.

Religion has also caused violence as much as it has influenced the government. It has caused two wars between Pakistan and India where Muslim rebels have been waging a separatist war against the government since the early 1980s.

As for a long term effects, Americanization has been greatly impacting India in both a positive and negative way. Americanization is a person or place that, over time, begins to the share the same values, beliefs, and customs and is assimilated into American society. For India, various American businesses have opened up shop there and young Indians are beginning to adapt to the customs of that of an American's. Many Indians don't see a problem with the change, but a lot are very unhappy with it. They think it takes away from India's uniqueness and greatly affects religious practice and family customs.

Outsourcing has also brought loads of opportunity to the youth of India. It gives them a chance to make money and can help them support their selves. It also benefits America as a source of cheap labor.

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