Peter the Great

The great Tsar of Russia


WHO- Peter the great, Tsar of Russia in 1682

WHAT- Tsar for 43 years, Married twice, had 11 kids, died without nominating a heir.


WHERE- Moscow,Russia

WHY- Wanted Russia to be Powerful and Great like the Western Civilizations.

HOW- Gave Russia a strong Navy, organized a army, secularized schools, overcame opposition from the country's medieval fashion, focused on development of science.

Peter the Great's Story

Peter the great was born on June 6, 1672 in Moscow, Russia. He ruled beside Ivan in 1682 until Ivan died in 1696 then he ruled independently. He ruled Russia trying to keep it up with the quick growth of the western civilizations. He did a lot to bring his country back to everyone else and eventually persevered.
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