Intro to Applied Nutrition

Spring 2016 Online


I am excited to have you as a member of the class and I look forward to getting to know each of you more. Here is a brief summary of my life thus far! I grew up in a small beach town in Southern California and lived there until I moved to Rocklin, CA to attend William Jessup University.

Following my education at William Jessup University, I went on to the California University of Pennsylvania to earn my Master’s in Exercise Science and Wellness with a concentration in Sports Psychology. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctoral degree in General Psychology with an emphasis in Performance Psychology. I am certified with the Association of Applied Sports Psychology and one of 56 in the state of California.

During the year, I get to teach for our Kinesiology and Biology departments collectively and oversee multiple courses: Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Nutrition & Metabolism, Introductions to Kinesiology and Sport & Exercise Psychology. Besides teaching, I also oversee the entire Track & Field and Cross Country programs. Our seasons change each semester because of the sports but I oversee 50+ athletes year round.

I have a huge passion for the human body and the affects nutrition has on performance. This course will enlighten you on the human body and how it responds to the foods we eat, exercise we endure and emotions we feel. I look forward to watching you expand your perspective on nutrition over the semester.

Please begin by completing the Jessup Online Student Orientation. Next, download the course syllabus and read it carefully. Take some time to tell us about yourself in the Introductions Forum as well. Share with me some of your personal interests and/or passions that lie within the nutrition field. After you have completed these tasks, you are ready for Week 1!

Parker Daniells