Kinder Kommunicator

October 9, 2015

Week 6

This week we got through letters U-Y... we're almost at the end of the alphabet! We will learn Z on Monday, but we will continue to practice letter recognition and sounds throughout the year. We added a new sight word to our word wall - the. We are becoming experts at writing "I like the __________." sentences! A new reading strategy was introduced as well. Peekin' Poodle! Just like the Eagle Eye, Peekin' Poodle reminds you to look at the pictures, but peeks at the pictures and then at the beginning letter of the unknown word. Peek at the pictures, and peek at the letters! Continue to practice sight words and finger-pointing with your child at home. We also started learning the Tricky Teens. Just like when we bundle our straws in the morning to count the number of days in school, we know that the 1 in a teen number stands for a bundle of ten! Play the "Ten and a Friend" game at home. Choose a teen number and then work together with your child to hold up the matching number of fingers!

Check out the fire safety pictures below!

Fire Safety

We sure learned A LOT from our firefighter friends today, but the most important things to remember are the three things you should tell an operator after you dial 911.

1. Your name

2. Your address

3. The problem

Remind your children of these three things. Also talk with your child about a family meeting place in case of a fire in the home.

Race for Education

Friday, Oct. 16th, 2pm

201 North Penrose Street

Quakertown, PA

Neidig Elementary School's Race for Education is fast approaching! This is a fundraising event where students and teachers will be walking around the school as well as participating in a "pig race." Both AM and PM classes have earned a pig to race to try to win a movie and popcorn party! AM students and parents are invited to come back to school and attend the Race for Education as well since it takes place in the afternoon. AM students are welcome to join in and walk with me. Parents will be observing the events, not participating. The event is held outside so clearances are not necessary. All parents are welcome! We hope to see you there!