John Rolfe

By: Ashley Vorberger


John Rolfe was more then just Pocahontas's husband. John Rolfe lived an interesting and fascinating life. He married Pocahontas and they started a family together. John Rolfe was also a big seller of tobacco. He played an important role in Colonial times.

Facts About John Rolfe

John Rolfe married his first wife in the summer of 1609. Rolfe and his wife sailed to Virginia with captain Christopher Newport. As they were sailing the ship sailed into a hurricane. The hurricane wreaked the ship on the Island of Bermuda. While on the Island Mrs.Rolfe gave birth to a daughter who was named Bermuda. But the little girl soon died in May of 1610. Soon Mr and Mrs.Rolfe went back to Jamestown where Mrs.Rolfe died. John Rolfe helped the Jamestown Colony find a money making crop. He also helped improve relations between the English and the Indians. He did this by falling in love. Then the Colonists invited the Indians into their homes to eat breakfast. Suddenly, in eighty different places in Virginia the Indians turned on the Colonists. They used tomahawks, knives, and arrows. In 1613, Rolfe met Pocahontas and soon was helping the Indian princess with her English lesson and reading to her from the bible. Rolfe realized that marriage between himself and Pocahontas would help the Colony. After Pocahontas's death in England in early 1617, Rolfe returned to Virginia where he married for the third time. Then he severed on the government council. Some say Rolfe died in the big Indian attack on March 22 1622. While others think that he already had been dead for several days when the massacre occurred. John Rolfe was a good family man, and also a man who was kind enough to help others.


In the summer of 1613, Pocahontas met John Rolfe and the two soon fell in love. When Pocahontas sent her father a message about her proposed marriage to Rolfe. The chief was pleased by this news. The wedding was held in April of 1614. Because of the marriage there was was little fighting between the Indians and the Jamestown Colonist. For the next eight years, the Colony grew rapidly. The land was cleared and more tobacco was sold. The Colony was exporting more then twenty tons of tobacco each year. The Indians were about to revolt when Pocahontas died of small pox in 1617 while on a visit to England. The Colonists lost one of their best Indian friends. The next year Powhatan the greatest peacekeeper among the Indians died. The new chief was Opechanconough Pohatens half bother. He planed to destroy the Indians on a surprise attack on March 22 1622. Soon the English were getting along with the Indians. Pocahontas was loved by all that knew her and was a true friend to the Jamestown Colonist.


The Indians gave Rolfe some of their tobacco, but he did not like the flavor. Rolfe got several kinds of tobacco seeds from a sea captain, witch he crossbreeded the different seeds. (Some of witch had come from South America). In 1613 Rolfe sent some of his tobacco to England where experts declared that the tobacco he made was excellent. So he kept making this money crop and it was a total success. His tobacco was getting even bigger as the years past. The Colonist cleared the woods and planted millions of tobacco seeds. Tobacco was even grown in the middle of streets. Just to bring in a little more money.


Some people think that John Rolfe was just a great tobacco seller, but the truth is he was more then that he was also a caring man. John Rolfe was a very important man in Colonial times. When he married Pocahontas it didn't just help the Indians and Jamestown Colonies get along. He also started a family with Pocahontas. John Rolfe made many kinds of tobacco. He was very successful in doing so. John Rolfe was very much liked by everyone. He also was very successful in his inventions.


Book source: The Virginia Colony Author: Dennis B. Fradin

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