Mrs. Beasley's Summer Reads

The books that never get old to me...even as I get old. :)

Summer Time = Reading Time!!!

There are books, and then there are BOOKS. The kind of books that make you laugh till your sides hurt. The kind of books that make you curl up under your bedspread and cry uncontrollably. The ones that you find yourself reading until the sun comes up, that make you forget where you are or what time it is. The kind that you never want to end. Those books that stick with you well after you've finished them.

Some of the following books are BOOKS to me. Others are books I thought might be BOOKS to you...something about them made me think of you; that you'd enjoy them, or laugh, or cry, or want to stay up late into the summer night reading.

Summer is a great time to read - on your own, with a parent, to a younger sibling. If you're stuck on what book to read, check out some of the suggestions below. Grab a parent and read to them - and have them read to you - a little each day. A little daily reading over the summer goes a looooooooooong way! If you want proof, check out the graphic that looks at what 15 minutes of reading a day can do for you at the end of this newsletter.


A book is a magical thing. Once you open one up and start to read, you can find yourself transported to any place in the world, any time in history, or any realm of fantasy an author can invent or your imagination can envision. The best part is that you can reach the most exciting destinations without ever leaving home! To participate in this exciting opportunity check out the link below to the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading journal - you can earn a FREE book!


So you got your read what???

Once you've read a chapter book - ANY chapter book - this summer, use the following link to tell me about it. You can read a book from the suggestions above, or go find your own...JUST READ!!! Students who read at least FIVE chapter books this summer need to come see me when school is back in session for a prize. Not at Reagan anymore? No problem - have your parents send me an email and I'll make sure you get your prize.
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Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments about summer reading, give me a shout! I'll be happy to put down my book and help you. Have a great summer - make sure you have a book in your hand for some of it!