canadian milatary in afganhastan

by logan simmons


The issue is that afganhastan people crashed a plane into the twin towers in 2001 September 11 it was two Taliban soldiers who attack usa. usa was the first one to go to Afghanistan to fight then Canada supported usa and helped fight against Taliban and al-queda

Why did canada go to war in afghanistan

Canada went to war after the Taliban attack the twin tower in USA in 2001 September 11 Canada and the USA formed a secret command team to try to take down the Taliban and al-quade

Why would canada help the afghanistan national army but fight aginst al-queda and tailban

Canada helped afghan national army because al-queda and tailban didn't like what government was saying like if your not afghan you should die and how women cant show there face or they cant drive a car that's what they thought the Taliban so they would attack the government so Canada didn't agree for what the were doing
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how canada was involed

Canada was involed because they helped the afghan national army but fought aginst al-Qaeda and Taliban. because al-Qaeda and the Taliban were attacking the government and the afghan national army because they thought different things about how Afghanistan should be runned
Canada's Role in Afghanistan
Waging Peace - Canada in Afghanistan
In conclusion Canada is winning and the efforts are paying off in 2012 in Chicago n.a.t.o starting to send supplies or medicine and food and weapons to help Canada win this war