Wild Fires

The Bad

Wildfires occur a lot in hot areas. They cause a severe damage to the forest and places around it. The smoke can go to places miles away from the forest causing huge clouds over the environment. The fire can spread as for as 30+ acres. The smoke can cause severe pollution infecting water, animals, food, etc.

The Good

The Good

The fire can open up pine cones and the seeds will fall causing more trees to grow. Some plants surprisingly thrive to live in burned areas. Fire can cause some plants to grow faster than normal. Some places after the devastation can create great places to plant certain plants. From previous wildfires, scientist have been able to find out how frequently wildfires tend to occur. Fire returns nutrients to the soil as it burns decayed leaves and everything in the forest. Fire eliminates trees that take up the space that plants need to grow. After a wildfire, the soil is recharged meaning that the soil is full of nutrients.

The Ugly

In Bastrop Texas, in 2011, a wildfire destroyed more than any other wildfire has done in Texas. The fire destroyed 476 homes putting families in danger. 3.5 million acres were destroyed that same year when that tragic event occurred in Bastrop, Texas. The smoke from the wildfire can be seen for miles away.

Raw Video Shows How Fast Texas Wildfire Spread
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