Brian's Survival Guide

What to do when your lost in the woods

How to build a shelter

  1. Find a hollow place
  2. Find sticks, twigs,and other good supplies
  3. Plan out how you are going to build it
  4. Build a door, windows, and anything else you want (optional)
Building A Survival Shelter

Food and water

How to get clean water

  • If there is a lake or any type of water take a part of cloth or clothing and wrap it up
  • Get the water in the cloth
  • It will filter the water
  • Then wring out the cloth and drink

Weapons and fire

How to make fire

  • You rub two sticks or stones together until you get a flame
  • Then put dry leaves and other things underneath the flame
  • You have fire

How to make weapons

  • Sharpen a stick
  • Hold it like a spear or what ever you want it to be
  • then hunt or fish
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How to find Food

  • Try to find a bush with berries
  • OR
  • Sharpen a stick
  • Find an animal and kill it
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How to stay away or defend your self from wildlife

  • through a weapon at it
  • run if you see an animal
  • find some where to hide
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