What I Love The Most

By: Sierra Stroupe

PQERT Paragraph

The three most important things that describes me is Bleach, gamer and the Bible. The bible, because it,s important to me and brings me to peace with god. the bible tells me story's of God and brings me closer God and Jesus, because the bible is all i have to understand Jesus and god way. Bleach/Gamer helps me, because when i watch the show or play the game its like i'm in my own world. Bleach is very important to me because there's a lot of action and there's never a boring moment. Gamer helps me take my anger out and teaches me stuff depending on the game. In conclusion is that the three thing that's very important to me is Beach, Bible and gamer.
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Bleach opening 6(original)

My influences

  • Mom
  • Family
  • Seth
  • Teachers