2015 Year in Review

Angie M

Three Companies that Marketed Themselves Well

Alex and Ani - They have been very popular this year in 2015, and they have really sprouted. The CEO of Alex and Ani, Ryan Bonifacino said that by using Facebook he got a lot more consumers. He thinks that the spread of the word also known as Viral Marketing has helped pretty much by using Social Media.

Urban Outfitters -They had a great year in 2015. The brand posted a 4% sale increase. They said that they did better by realizing what they needed to improve on. They had to change what they were selling and make the quality better. For example, instead of lowbrow, smart-aleck graphic tees they needed to produce more fashionable party dresses and chic rompers. They really changed their image to more "juvenile." They analyzed themselves and fixed the problem.

Kendra Scott - This company has been expanding and popping in new places. Her company was not very big until 2015. She started with 1 store in 2010 and then 20 store at the beginning 2015. By the end of 2015, they had 38 stores. Her jewelry was instantly identifiable and made her product and trends easily spreaded. In addition a lot of celebrity wore her jewelry making her products popular between tweens and teens.

Best and Worsts of 2015


- IPhone 6

- Hover Board


Apple TV

Apple Watch

Best Movies of 2015

Star Wars and Inside Out

Inside Out: They were one of the best movies in 2015. They used Facebook and Twitter to get viewers. One person told another and the word got out. Viral Marketing was essential to them. They used it to spread the word.

Star wars: They were the biggest hit near the end of 2015. It was all about branding, managing your brand effectively. The CEO of Walt Disney said that with collaboration the movie was great.

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Top Two Artist of 2015

Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes:

They are both new popular artist. Shawn used social media such as vine to get his fans and all his vines go viral. Shawn's instagram and twitter are so popular and have helped him with his fame. As for Charlie Puth, he worked with Adele and he used billboards to broadcast himself overtime.

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Top 10 Toothpaste Brands

1. Colgate

2. Pepsodent

3. Crest

4. Close-up

5. Oral-B

My New Year Resolution

My personal goal for the new years is to drink more water. As for my family, I want to spend more time with them and take more photos with them for memories. School is the subject I want to improve on the most. I want to participate in more school activities.