A Biography on: Mazen Maamon

By: Nkosi Anderson 8E

Mazens Favorite Sport

Mazen's favorite sport is soccer but he wants to become an engineer when he grows up. In summer Mazen is usually playing soccer with other grade 8 students. Mazen can also be seen playing soccer with grade 7 students. Mazens least favorite sport is cricket. He claims he doesn't like cricket because he doesn't have the patience to get into it.

Background, Age, and Family.

Both Mazens mother and father are Egyptian. He has one younger sibling who is 11 years old. Because both his mother and father are Egyptian this of course means he and his brother are fully Egyptian. Mazen was born in Kuwait on November 4th 2002. He moved to Canada when he was 9 and his younger brother was 7.


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Mazen likes to make his friends and family laugh. He makes people laugh less when he's in class. This is because he's not really interested with his school work and tends to get distracted easily.
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The Future

When Mazen graduates from The Valleys, he wants to go to John Fraser. After he grows up he wants to become an engineer, however (Piece of advice) this will require lots of intellect and studying.
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