Tales Project English 4

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There was a

Nurse, a loving caregiver

Who at a younger age was a believer

To achieve this dream was miles away

But until now was able to make it this way

Her mother was proud of what she accomplished

But is it really the career that she wanted

When she was younger she wanted something else

To become an engineer instead of someone else

Father approved but mother wasn't happy

Every day was nothing but crappy

She was always sad

But she didn't want to make her mom mad

She mother soon passed away

And a note she left in the way

As she read it she started crying

When she was done she saw her dad smiling

Her mother was sorry and to follow her dream

And was sorry for being mean

She went back to school and did what she wanted

And was able to achieve what she decided


Rebekah was excited when she graduated from nursing school. She could not believe that she made it this far. Both her mother and father were present at her graduation. She was ready to begin her new job. She applied a few months ago to the local hospital and was hired. She would start new week, fresh and new. Since she was a kid she has always dreamed of this day. Before she would play nurse with her cousin and friends, but now she would work as a real one. Everyday was a new experience and new faces that she saw. She met different doctors almost every day. She loved helping people out and making sure of their well being. Every year she had to renew her licence to continue being a nurse. After being there for 2 years, she saw some one die. It was heart breaking for her but she knew what she was in for when choosing this career. As years went by she continued her job, she was thinking that this career was not for her. She did this for her mother, Betty, to make her happy and proud. But this is not what she wanted, this was not her dream. Everyday she asked herself the same question, "Why did I not say no?". Rebekah wanted to become an engineer but was not able to. Her mother did not let her, she told her something else. "That is for men only. Do something more lady like. Why don't you become a nurse?" Rebekah's mother was very sick and did not want to upset her and make things worse. So she did as her mother told her and became a nurse. Years have passed and she is unhappy. But her mother was happy and proud of her daughter, until she passed away. When she passed away Rebekah was sad and devastated. She loved her mother deeply and would really miss her. At the funeral she saw her father, old but still hanging on. It was so hard for both the loss of Betty. A few months have passed, when Rebekah received a phone call. It was her father at the other end. "Rebekah,can you come over? I would like to tell you something?" When she hung up she wondered if he was okay. She was there as soon as she could, but saw that nothing was wrong. Her father gave her something, it was a note from her mother. Her eyes teared up as she read it...

My beloved daughter,

I see you and you make me proud. I am glad that you are a nurse, but sad at the same time. Every time I see you, I see sadness in your eyes. I know it was me who brought this upon you and I am sorry. I cry myself to sleep knowing this, I just want to see you happy. Please do what you want to do. Be who you want to be. I did wrong for doing this to you. But as I say, I'm sorry.

Love, Your Mother

After reading this she was crying, but for joy. She was happy that her mother knew what she was going through. She was happy that she finally said yes. After 10 years of being a nurse, she would finally be able to do what she wanted. Rebekah went back to school and graduated with an engineering degree. She pursued what she wanted. She was now happy.

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I chose to write about a nurse because I want to become a nurse in the future. Everyone wants to be someone in life. Everyone has a dream. But sometimes there is someone that has a different opinion. Like in this story, Rebekah's mother told her to become a nurse instead on an engineer. Rebekah was in a tight situation, with her mother being sick. She chose to make her happy. But she did wrong, she should have chosen what she wanted in the beginning. Many people now listen to what someone else has to say. There are some parents who because they were not able to do or be someone else they what their child to become what they weren't able to be. One should do what they want. The story is to show not to listen to other people. Yes, it is good to listen to advise and tips. But when some one has a say in what you want, especially with your career and future, one should decide for themselves. Yes like in the story, Rebekah's mother wanted her to become a nurse. But that does not mean that you should do something that you do not want to become. Eben if it is your parents telling you.