Hootienista's April Newsletter

April Highlights and May goals

What a crazy April our team reached an all time high in sales 76,646 crazy!!!! I know it was also a very stressful month for many of us. With low product and trying to fulfill Mother's Day orders, but we made it. I think we all deserve a long paid vacation :)
Very exciting we had the launch of our new Hostess Program and Catalog and product I don't know about everyone else but I am loving the new lockets they are so beautiful in person.

For the month of May I will be doing another $99 PV challenge so make sure you get your $99 wholesale volume in to be included in that. when you do let me know on the team page that you have yours done :) May for me I am starting to wind down to take the end of May off and June I will be working online and still supporting my team but will not be doing events for 6 weeks due to my 3rd baby being due on June 10th. Again I will still be available to support you so don't worry you can still facebook or text me if you need anything. Looking to the summer start getting those summer events and parties booked and also start working on fall and Holiday vendor shows. Those get grabbed up quick so its good to work on them now. I hope everyone has a wonderful May and we get our product back in stock and our DIW list moving :)

If you would like to be part of the team page on Facebook just click this link and request to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/345751618868328/

April top sales, new team members and rank ups

Top 3 sellers for April
Lydia Martinez $4,854
Sarah Miller $4,514
Stephanie Knepp $4,501

New Owls
please welcome
-Shawna Kelly
-Jaime Edwards
-Alyssa Ciccarelli
-Ammie Nelms
-Dana Quick
-Kristy Culver
-Mary Jones

Rank up's
Lesley Evan- Senior Team Leader
Kelly Perez- Lead Designer
Johna Roser- Lead Designer

If I missed anyone please let me know it is hard to tell who ranks up I will be printing off this months so next month I know for sure :)