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Edition 27 - Friday 30th August 2019

From the Assistant Principal's desk…

This week in Rock and Water I – along with all our students – ate a grape. Just one grape, really slowly. It was the best grape I’d ever tasted. Not because it was a particularly amazing grape (it was actually a bit squishy!) but because I really noticed it. The lesson within this lesson is mindfulness. How when we slow down and pay real attention to what is actually happening in the moment we appreciate things more. Normally when we eat grapes we just pop them away without thinking too much about it, but this exercise made us really feel and really taste the grape. And, more importantly, appreciate the grape.

We can apply this in our lives, to become more aware of what is going on around us, to be present in what we are doing and appreciate the little things that are all around us. This can help us be calmer, accepting and more grateful.

Speaking of little things that we’re grateful of: I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few hours this week teaching the preps. They are just the best. I love their energy, their curiosity, adventurous spirit and care for each other. Their learning is amazing, but more importantly, they are happy, caring and cared for. Preps: we are so proud of you. Well done kids, well done Mrs Borg.

Example: As I am writing this, I hear a whisper outside, “Ask the principal”…

There’s a knock on the window and there’s a couple of prep boys there. One of them says, “Can you get my lizard down?”

I ask “Where is it?”

“On the ceiling.”

I’m confused: “Of the classroom?”

There is a bashful pause, “No… of the toilet”.

I ask a silly question, “How did it get up there?”

So, very impressively, I leap up to the roof of the toilet block and rescue the lizard. The kids have never been happier (they get mindfulness) and run off madly laughing.

Hope you have a week where you are able to appreciate the little things: the exuberance of your kids, the taste of grape or just whatever it is that you’re doing right now.

Father's/Special Person's Day Breakfast

Thank you

Thank you to all the Fathers/Special people who came to our breakfast & activity morning yesterday. It's always a great way to start the day and we feel very thankful that we get to share this great morning with so many members of our school community.
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Please use the link below to register for the portal ..

Please note, you will need your access key to link your child. This is available in the email that we sent out to families on 30 July.

Important Information from the Admin Team

By now everyone will have received their email with login details for our new parent portal. To date a number of families have not logged in. It is imperative that all families have access as it will be the main avenue of communication for all administration matters.

A few people have asked - 'Why use a portal?'. The Sentral portal is secure and has been approved by the Department of Education. It shows all the information that we have regarding your child, meaning that you are able to amend details if needs be. 1000's of schools across Victoria are now using some sort of portal. The portal also allows integrated information eg. an excursion is automatically linked to attendance or a curriculum based excursion can be automatically linked to reports. The portal also has a calendar feature enabling everyone to keep track of upcoming events. The portal also allows you access to absence data, and reports - You can even log your child's absence from home - this includes past, current and all future dated absences.

Excursions and activities that involve your child will now be posted to the portal which means you will be unable to give permission if you do not have access. Payments can also be made through the portal - it's your one-stop-shop for everything regarding your child.

If you have not received your email or if you are having problems using the portal, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

School Concert!

For your enjoyment, we are producing a fabulous School Concert where every class takes part.

These performances will be at the Memo Hall in Main St, Healesville.

Dates: Wednesday 4th September and Thursday 5th September.

These are 3 identical shows so that you can come to 1, 2 or all 3 shows.

Bring your friends, relatives, and older children for a thought provoking show about Sustainability called “THE CHOICE”.

Your child will be in all 3 shows, so it is very important that they attend all of them as they have special parts to play.

Class teachers will know what clothing and props your child will need for the performances.


Wednesday 4th September:

10:00am – 12:00pm: Students will be attending the dress rehearsal at the Memo Hall.

We will be walking there from school.

After the rehearsal we will all walk back to school and continue school until the end of the normal day.

Your child will need to be dropped off at the Memo Hall between 6-6:15pm so that teachers can settle them and ensure they are ready for the show.

7-8pm: The evening performance of “THE CHOICE”

Please pick up your child by 8:30pm.

Thursday 5th September:

Students walk to the Memo Hall ready for the Matinee Show


The children will walk back to school to be picked up - However, if your child is catching the school bus you will need to make alternate arrangements.

7-8pm EVENING SHOW Your child will need to be dropped off at the Memo Hall between 6:00-6:15pm so that class teachers can settle them and ensure they are ready for the show.

Please pick up your child by 8:30pm.

Tuesday 3 September

P.A.C.H Meeting - 9.00am - Postponed until Tues 10 Sep

Wednesday 4 September

School concert dress rehearsal 10:00am-12:00pm

School concert evening performance 7:00 - 8:00pm

Thursday 5 September

School concert matinee performance 2:00-3:00pm

School concert final evening performance 7:00-8:00pm

Tuesday 10 Sep

P.A.C.H. meeting - 9.00am

Students of the Week

PB: Jaxon H, Nate A & Rory A 1F: Cooper R & Ruby R

1/2H: Jett B, Sophie A, Phoebe L, Lewis C, Lincoln V

2G: Tyler R 3K: Archie H 4GH: Tahli N

5/6K: Tanisha M & Ryan S 5/6S: Riley B 5/6W: Hayley G

Principal: Axel R

Yarra Range Council – Kindergarten Enrolment Experience

Yarra Ranges Council is committed to supporting all children to access 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs in our community. As part of a state-wide approach to understand how we deliver on this, Council is investigating the potential benefit and viability of kindergarten central enrolment in Yarra Ranges. Central enrolment is a centralised registration process where families are only required to make one application for kindergarten, rather than applying to multiple individual services.

Typically, families are asked to nominate up to 3 kindergartens they would be happy for their child to attend.

To help us understand how we can better support families to access kindergarten programs, we invite you to complete the survey below. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will close on Sunday 22 September 2019.

This survey is anonymous. Any personal information collected for this survey will be treated in accordance with privacy legislation and will be respected at all times.

Information from this survey will be used to identify the need for a central enrolment scheme in Yarra Ranges.

For additional information please contact Lynda McSolvin, Early Years Services Coordinator on 1300 368 333 or email l.mcsolvin@yarraranges.vic.gov.au

Please click here to complete the survey if your child has been enrolled in kindergarten

between 2016 and 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

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Canteen Menu

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Please click here to order your uniforms online.

School Login Details: Username - HPS Password - HPS


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This week at Healesville primary school before and after school care OSCH we are celebrating Father's Day. We have come up with many crafty activities for all children to create on their own.

Monday 26.8.19

Making and creating some drink coasters for their Dads.

Tuesday 27.08.19

Starting to make personal Dad cards.

Wednesday 28.08.19

Children will be scratching or sketching on door hangers.

Thursday 29.08.19

The children will be helping educator to mix up pancake mixture and handing out pancakes to the Dads.


The children get to design a decorative ornament for their Dads.

We hope you all have a great time with your Dads.

From Stacey, Bob and Ellie from Camp Australia where we make children smile.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afters School Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.