BYOD Class Activities

Complex Activity

To start off this day after having read Georgia’s Declaration of Secession students will see that one of the main reasons if not the main reason overall for the state of Georgia leaving the Union was over slavery.

We’ll begin this segment by looking into slavery a little more closely here in Georgia.

We’ll watch a Georgia Public Broadcasting video on the growth of slavery.

This video will chronicle slavery in the state of Georgia.

Using EdPuzzle we as a class will watch the video stopping throughout the video to answer questions and to discuss different points in the video.

Afterwards, students will go to this National Geographic website or download app

On this site students will take a trip on the Underground Railroad from the South to Canada. They will be able to take different routes and make different choices. I feel that roleplaying is something that will help place the students in the shoes of those who were once held in captivity in this country.

Students will spend the remainder of class going on this journey through the Underground Railroad. This interactive allows students to work at their own pace and make their own choices.

While they are traveling they will be asked to take notes of different choices they have to make along the way and the outcome of those choices. They will make note of different characters they encounter as well as different places they go. It would also be helpful if they write down any questions they have along the way so that once we’re back together as a whole class we will be able to answer them.

Simple Activity

After having spent a few days on the subject of the Civil War we as a class will prepare to take our Unit Test. In order to review for the test we as a class will use Kahoot as a way to get students involved in a little friendly competition. The questions on the Kahoot will chronicle the themes of the unit and will be similar to ones that may show up on the test. The students may use their laptops, phones, or iPods in order to access Kahoot.