Electives Update

what's been happening?

Digital Photography

Students have worked on learning to take photographs and edit them! Using a variety of apps, each project has focused on a different element of photography and photo editing from; using a green screen, color correction and color removal, collage, text overlay, layering, filters and more! Each student has created a digital portfolio of their work for the session that is available in their personal SeeSaw accounts. Make sure to check out the board outside the music room to see some of their work!

Boot Camp

I’m really proud of the hard work and dedication that the students put forth during this first session of Boot Camp. I’m confident that the participants learned a great deal about what it means to be healthy and physically fit. Together we talked about a wide variety of sports and exercises, along with how each one of them help contribute to one’s overall level of physical fitness. Students were engaged in activities designed to improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and agility.


In ceramics, students learned several hand-building techniques with clay including: pinch pots and coil building. They used these methods to create penguins, brightly colored snowflakes, and beautiful coil vases, pots, and cups. They learned proper glaze techniques to add color and a glassy finish to their projects.
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