Knowledge of Roman Society

Roman Citizenship, Laws, Justice, and Punishment

By Anayevska Miramontes & Jocelyn Fregoso

Roman Society was extremely rigid. By the first century, however, the need for capable men to run Rome's vast empire was slowly eroding the old social barriers. The social structure of Anicent Rome was based on heredity.

Roman Citizenship

By being a citizen of Rome you have to follow all the rules that apply to you. Citizenship belonged to all free, law-abiding people.

The rights of citizens were :

  • Being able to vote
  • Hold officials offices
  • Own property and write contracts
  • Go to court
However, only certain people could have these rights :
  • Male citizens enjoyed all of the rights
  • Women had limited rights - no voting or government offices
  • Slaves were property with almost no rights - small chances for freedom
  • Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights
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