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Love Your Library Month

February is Love Your Library Month. This is the perfect opportunity for us to share the top ten things we LOVE about the Huebner Library!

10 - The Nonfiction Book Collection

9 - The New Furniture

8 - The Wide Array of Reading Programs Students Can Choose to Participate In

7 - The Teachers that Collaborate with Us to Enhance Student Learning

6 - The Picture Book Collection

5 - All of the Technology Available for Instruction and Student Use

4 - The Large Circulation Desk - I can spread my work out!

3 - Our Fabulous Volunteers that Help Shelve and Work the Book Fair

2 - The Genrified Fiction Collection

And the number one thing we love about the Huebner Library...

1 - We love each and every Husky Reader that walks through our doors each day!!

Why Do YOU Love Your Library?

Share your reasons why you love the Huebner Library!

Click on the link below and let us know!

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Book Lover Wins Big!

At our Bluebonnet Celebration, students can win books through a raffle drawing. Watch the awesome reaction this student had when his number was picked!

Makes our hearts sing every time we watch it!

Book Win 1

Rope Some Great Tales!

Fairy Tale Rodeo

The Fairy Tale Rodeo is an annual tradition at Huebner for the second graders. In January, all of the students were invited to read 20 fairy tales - 10 are traditional tales while the other 10 are a fractured Texas version of the fairy tale. In February, students take a test over the 20 books and those who have the four top scores from each class are invited to compete in the Fairy Tale Rodeo. This year, the Rodeo will take place on Friday, February 26th - the last Friday of the San Antonio Rodeo.

Take a look at the rodeo books on our Fairy Tale Rodeo Libguide!

Preschool Storytime - Cowboys!

Friday, Feb. 19th, 9:15-10:30am

Huebner Library

Visit the Huebner Library for a fun-filled story time dedicated to the stars of the rodeo … cowboys! This roping story time will have lots of singing, crafting, and of course, reading! Join us for tons of fun as we lasso some great stories!

Geared towards children age 3-5.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

January J-Pegs

The Results are In...

Zane and the Hurricane Wins at Huebner!

Zane and the Hurricane garnered the most votes among the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Bluebonnet Participants at Huebner.

Congratulations to all of our voters. Each one of your votes was sent into the state to be added to their tabulations. We look forward to the announcement of which title wins The Bluebonnet Award!

Bluebonnet Breakdown

Third Grade - 39 Voters

Fourth Grade - 45 Voters

Fifth Grade - 70

154 Total Voters

14 Books Read Aloud by Teachers

14 Voters Read More than 10 Books

793 Passed Bluebonnet Quizzes

Way to go Husky Readers! Thanks for participating!

January Stats

Circulation Numbers

Total Check-outs: 3,057

Kinder: 274

1st: 613

2nd: 703

3rd: 604

4th: 418

5th: 309

Staff: 116

Parent: 20

Program Participation

Waves of Pages: 26

Bluebonnet: 171 Eligible Voters, Too Many Quizzes to Count!

Spring Read it Forward: Female Participants - 4 / Male Participants - 1


Nursery Rhyme Unit - Kinder

  • Week 1: Mother Goose - Is she a Woman or a Goose?
  • Week 2: Little Boy Blue / Jack and Jill
  • Week 3: Little Miss Muffet / Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
  • Week 4: Hey Diddle Diddle

Graduation to the 800s - 1st Grade

Pourquoi Unit - 1st Grade

  • Week 1: Pourquoi Means Why in French
  • Week 2: Animal Brainstorm - Cover Page
  • Week 3: When the World Was New... Page 1

Fractured Fairy Tales - 2nd Grade

Notetaking with Pebble Go and Porcupines - 2nd Grade

Guided Inquiry Unit on Natural Disasters - 3rd Grade

Designing Discovery Boards - 3rd Grade

Special Events

Bluebonnet Voting

Bluebonnet Celebration