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IEP Decisions: The Critical Role of the SpEd Teacher

There is a strong expectation that ARD committees tie IEP decisions to hard data concerning student performance and needs. Teachers are the best-equipped professionals to provide this data! This training will focus on the legal obligation regarding gathering objective information, and practical tips on reporting that input to the ARD committee. We will also address topics related to roles, responsibilities, and participation at the ARD meeting to help you and your district come to legally sound, and defensible decisions.


4/7/2022 1 - 4 PM Reg 17 ESC - South B

Working Together as Team Players in the ARD Process: What Parents Need to Know about Special Education Law

Are you new to the Special Education and ARD process? Do you still have questions about what you need to know before going to an ARD? On February 26th, Region 14 will host its annual meeting for parents of students who receive special education services. Attorney Eric Rodriguez and Region 14’s Special Education Director Lisa White will provide you with legal and practical information and resources that will help you feel more comfortable as you navigate the ARD process.

This training is voluntary and not required nor is it a part of your child’s special education program through your school district.


4/7/2022 6 - 8 PM Reg 17 ESC - South B, Zoom

BVI Training Opportunities for May & SUMMER 2022:

  • May 13 - BVI PLC So Conf F
  • June 16 - Serve Students w/ BVI, All Instr. Settings Rogers
  • June 22 - Complex Needs Instr. Planning Lecture Hall
  • June 28-29 - Ready Bodies Learning Minds Abilene
  • June 30 - STAAR Alt 2: Before, During, & After Neely
  • July 7 - We CAN Communicate So Conf B
  • July 13 - Must-Haves of Every CAN Class So Conf C
  • July 25 - Make Literacy More Accessible! Neely

See the Region 17 BVI Resources Webpage for statewide, TEA-approved resources!

Texas Sensory Support Network (TxSSN) - Blindness, Visual Impairment (BVI)

- link to our Statewide Network website for serving students with BVI


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: click on title or provided link to access these FREE webinars
  1. eLearning for Students with Disabilities: Accommodations & the Gen Ed Curriculum
  2. How to Support Students with Learning Differences Online with Bookshare
  3. Learn How to Support Your Students with Special Needs During School Closures
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  4. AbleNet University - free training & resources for teachers of students with disabilities

2. Service Delivery

TEA issues comprehensive guidelines for a safe return to on-campus instruction for SY 20-21.

3. Coffee Hour with TSBVI


5. Online Training Opportunities