Jazz Age

By Lucas Escajeda


Company became famous for its famous chocolate bars, the first Cadburys opened in 1824 by a man named John Cadbury which led to the company's name. He sold drinking chocolate and cocoa which he prepared for himself with a pastel and a mortar. In 1847 was when the first chocolate bar appeared.


Famous company owned by Henry Ford, one of the most famous businessman, the founder of the Ford Motor Company and the man largely responsible for the initiating the era of mass production, mass-consumption in the American economy. Ford's innovative business practices, including, standardization, the assembly line, and high wages for workers, revolutionized the American industry.


Campbell soup has been traced its roots to 1869 and took partnership by Joseph Campbell, a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, a manufacturer of iceboxes. Soup was originally one of the most marked products, Joseph Campbell, and Abraham Anderson also solded, canned vegetables, minced meats, jellies and condiments. They even made over 1.3 million dollars in over a year.