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October 16, 2017

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Happy October Birthday!!

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Personal Learning Time Reminders and Information

PLT is instructional time built into the schedule for the purpose of providing students with targeted interventions for all students (tiers I,II, & III). Interventions will include programs such as drill and skill, iReady lessons, and enrichment activities (Khan Academy). Students will remain with teacher team during the PLT time and be divided between each teacher depending on student needs. These needs will be determined by the team during PLC and responsibilities assigned to each teach for weekly PLT. During PLT, teachers will monitor as students work in their respective programs or work with small groups of students to ensure understanding on weekly content. Progress monitoring will be conducted using iReady.

Students who are not working with iReady and who are not working with a specialist can be working in Khan or other program the teacher recommends based on student need.

Newsela is a great program that a class can be registered for free and activities assigned to students to help improve student reading in various content areas such as science and history. Students can read content at a level comfortable for their ability level.

During PLC teachers should review data to decide what each student should work on during PLT for the week or decide if a student does not need to attend PLT for that week. PLT is for remediation and enrichment. Teachers can also use the time to work with small groups to reinforce a skill needed with a majority of students. Writing across the curriculum can be done with science and history teachers during this time to reinforce good writing skills or writing workshops. This is a time for you to decide what your students need and have additional time to work with them.

PLT is another good time for students to practice drill and skill games for math. We still have many students who struggle with basic math facts!

Below are some free websites that can be used during PLT time.














October Classroom Walk-Through Observations:

1. Classroom norms and academic expectations/anchor charts are posted and visible to all students.

2. Teacher has created and modeled expectations for all class routines (classroom entry, homework submission, share outs, partner work, etc.).

3. Directions are delivered with the attention of the overwhelming majority of students.

4. Major directions include information on time, task, materials, and sound.

5. Teacher determines whether or not behavioral expectations are being met.

6. Teacher immediately and genuinely praises students meeting expectations after every direction given.

7. Appropriate redirection is used and logical consequences are issued for misbehaviors.

8. Teacher uses growth mindset language to both celebrate individual and class achievements and to motivate students after individual and class misses.

9. Teacher is warm and positive while also being strong in presence and tone.

Data Review Day: October 30, 2017

More information is coming in regard to Data Review Day for all students in K-12. We will have a training to provide all teachers with information about how to conduct teacher/student conference to review the CDT assessment information and set goals according to the benchmark assessments and student progress. It is a great way to help students invest in the assessment and set target dates to measure goals.

Common Quarterly Assessment Administration using Illuminate

Wednesday, Oct. 18th, 3-4pm

This is an online event.

Beth Williams from Illuminate will train teachers how to implement CQA with students using Illuminate along with how to grade using the auto grading feature.