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How has media literacy changed through technology.

Media is a way of communicating information through technology or books that influence many people. Some examples include computers, books, magazines, radio, television, and many more. Media has expanded exponentially in the past ten years mainly through computers and technology. Communication of information has never been easier due to social media websites. It’s weird to think that almost every business has a page on Facebook where you can find them and you can more than likely ask a question and get an answer through that. It’s also very ironic to think our local news team has a Facebook page. Books aren't being driven out, however, they’re simply changing format and being read on tablets or smart phones. Simply put, media is constantly changing and evolving to suit the population that uses it the most. And of course all of this change may be hard for some, but to others it is very easy. That’s what is considered media literacy. In short, media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, and evaluate information. Now that media is evolving, the access part is starting to become harder and harder for people. Without the ability to access media, a person may become illiterate in media. Fortunately, children and young adults are growing up in this new era of technology so they are very comfortable with accessing media. Hopefully this adaptation to technology will not fray and media literacy will go up by making sure people have the ability to learn to be comfortable with the new ways to access media. This is similar to learning how to read and write.
Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Coca Cola’s commercial, Going All The Way, was aired during the 2014 Super Bowl; the commercial impressively shows how simple and powerful a happy moment can be. Coca Cola displays the path of happiness through a child’s perspective as he runs from his little league field to a major football stadium in order to score a touchdown. Using this commercial, Coca Cola shows its audience that happiness happens all the time in order to make the audience think they will be happy when they drink coke. The target audience is most people, but specifically football fans and sports fans in general.

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Students Vote to Begin School an Hour Earlier

Bradley Faulkinberry, High School Student

SUWANEE - Students of Peachtree Ridge High school are calling a meeting to vote on whether or not the school day should be shifted to start earlier. Many are calling it a decision that should’ve been made a long time ago.

The students at Peachtree Ridge have been sincerely begging administration to let them start school earlier. They argue the time after school is too short for anyone to participate in any after school events such as sports, clubs, and other activities.

One student stated, “We are already going to sleep in class, so why not make it earlier so we have more time after school to hang out and have fun?”. The overall agreement around the school is to shift the day forward in order to let students experience as many after school activities as possible.

1984 Reaction

1984, in my eyes, had a very disappointing ending. I was completely blindsided when O'Brien turned out to be a part of the thought police. And although I understand why Orwell finished the book the way he did, something inside of me, as with many people, still hopes that Winston could have turned out differently.

I do believe Orwell's book roughly reflects our modern day government, but I believe some comparisons will never be legitimized: mainly because I don't believe people will ever let the government become so powerful that it can scare the people into believing in a false history and even present.

If I was the author of 1984, I'm not sure what I would do to the end of the book. I suppose there are two possible endings. One is George Orwell's version and the other is a slightly happier ending with Winston escaping and overthrowing the government. I feel like the second ending would only be appropriate if I wish to please my audience. On the other hand, the first ending is what I would use if I want to teach my audience.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, and even though the ending was disappointing, I still think I learned more from it than my made up ending where Winston succeeds in his original goal, "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER".

Looking Back

This class is by far the most unique and intriguing Language arts course I have taken by far. When we started the semester, I thought I was going into British Lit. And although we did read some Shakespeare and Orwell, the primary focus of the class still remained on media literacy. I enjoyed critiquing actions taken by important people in our society as well as finding similarities between George Orwell’s dystopian world and ours. I learned many things from this class including how to constructively critique other people’s actions, not to trust all news sources, and learn from literature that in its roots are simply a warning of what we can become (1984, Macbeth). This class was also different from other language arts classes that I've taken in that it doesn't take the traditional route. We learned in an almost new-age type way; it was definitely more interactive and although people did sleep in class, I don’t credit that to the curriculum or teaching style. In the future, however, it would be nice to see a change in the amount of grades that go in the grade-book: especially because this is a senior class and second semester of senior year is usually not the most productive. That is understandably not very productive, but it is only a thought. Another thing that may be a good thing to change is the way the teachers of this class go about teaching it. For example, I think it would be more involving if the class went outside every so often to wake up and get some fresh air. It would also be nice to have bathroom breaks so kids can stretch their legs and wake up. This is a lot of possible changes, but there were a lot of good things that happened this semester. Some include the curriculum, projects, smores, novels, different work techniques, and the teaching ability. Overall, I have enjoyed this class and would recommend it to any rising senior.