Student Records Request

Education records consist of all official records, files and data directly related to a student and maintained by the Indianapolis Public Schools. Such records encompass all materials incorporated in the student’s cumulative folder, and includes but is not limited to general identifying data, records of attendance and of academic work completed, records of achievement in the school curriculum and in standardized achievement tests, results of other evaluative tests (including intelligence, aptitude, psychological, and interest inventory tests), health data, teacher and counselor ratings and observations, and verified reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns.

A parent of a student has the right to inspect and review such student’s education records maintained by Edison. A parent shall be presumed to have authority to inspect and review the student’s records unless Edison has been provided with written notice that there is a court order that restricts or terminates the parent’s authority to access the student’s records under applicable State statutes governing matters such as divorce, separation, and legal custody.

To obtain student records, a parent will submit a written request to the principal. The request shall specify the specific records which the parent or eligible student wish to examine. Such a request shall be made during reasonable business hours determined by mutual agreement between the principal (or her designee) and the parent or eligible student but, in no event shall be more than forty-five (45) days after receipt of the written request. A school official shall be

present during any such inspection to assist in the interpretation of the records. The parent(s) must submit sufficient proof of his/her identity to the school official before inspection of a student’s records shall be permitted.

If a student enrolls in a new school or district the parent or the receiving school may make the records request.