Season of Service

January 16th - April 23rd 2016

How do you #serveunited?

How do YOU #serveunited? We want to hear about it! When you serve during this year's Season of Service, whether you are an individual, small group, church or non-profit, take a picture, send a tweet, post to your facebook and be sure to tag #serveunited and #seasonofservice2016. We love seeing and sharing pictures of people who are serving. And did you know that social media is a GREAT way to stay connected with us about upcoming ways to serve? If you haven't yet, "Like" and "Follow" us using your social media platform of choice. Help us raise the ongoing level of service in the Greater Sacramento region by "Sharing" our communication with your friends and family! (you can even share this newsletter! :)

Thank you for serving. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for helping us encourage others to serve united!

Megan McCleary

Serve United Director/ACTS Group

Season of Service 2016 Every School Partnership Promo
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Every School Partnership Update: My City Youth Conference

On February 18th-20th Serve United will be hanging out with hundreds of youth pastors, leaders and students and sharing the vision of Every School Partnership at the My City Youth Conference. We will be providing resources and encouraging students and youth groups to serve their schools in tangible ways in conjunction with the Serve Our Schools focus week from April 17th-23rd 2016. We love seeing youth pastors encourage young people to make a difference and communicate love through service. Stop by our booth if you are coming to My City!
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Stories of Service: Winter Sanctuary

Every year during cold and wet seasons, dozens of congregations open their doors up to provide shelter, food and compassion to our region's homeless population. Winter Sanctuary, one of these programs, is coordinated by Sacramento Steps Forward and has assisted hundreds of homeless each year by helping faith communities host individuals struggling to stay warm and dry in Sacramento County. The City of Sacramento wrote a great article about this program which you can view here! In the Winter Sanctuary program, homeless guests are transported to congregations on a rotating basis where they receive a warm meal, evening entertainment, a place to spend the night, breakfast in the morning and transportation to Loaves and Fishes are of Downtown Sacramento. Similar rotating shelter programs have been created in conjunction with congregations to shelter homeless individuals from specific communities in the region like South Placer County, Davis, Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova.

THANK YOU to the many non-profits and faith communities who serve our community members who struggle with housing security.

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