By- Lauren and Sadie

The rings of saturn

The rings of Saturn are the most extensive planetary ring in the solar system, they include small particles ranging in size from micrometers to meters, that orbit around the planet.The ring particles are made from almost entirely out of water, ice, and with a trace of rocky material. the rings of saturn have puzzled astronomers since Galileo galilee discovered them in 1610. there are billions of particle sizes like a few are the sizes of mountains and most are the sizes of rocks or grains of sand.


In earths night sky Saturn looks like a bright star. Some people refer to Saturn as the "jewel of our solar system". If you went from earth to Saturn it would be a very long trip, you would be in the spaceship for at least 3 years. But you would have a lot to see along the way. Once you rise above earths atmosphere you would see thousands of stars. You could fit more than 750 earths inside Saturn. Saturn I a giant planet but you wouldn't find a place to land your spaceship, because beneath Saturn's clouds its mostly gas and liquid so you would sink, that in one of the problems about visiting the jeweled planet. Saturn actually has thousands of rings even though it only looks like one.


we got our resourses form, Google, and a true book about Saturn (book),