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The main issues with overfishing are...

If this keeps happening, in the future fishes are going to be extinct, another problem would be other animals that only eat fish are also going to become extinct because they're is going to have no more food and the entire population of animals could be in risk.

picture: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=picture+of+overfishing&view=detailv2&id=8555B442B7DE60A12232FA1580E34990C66EB740&selectedindex=19&ccid=%2Fa%2FO7OdD&simid=608000278524790658&thid=OIP.Mfdafceece7436f1f237b72191a3b9850H0&mode=overlay&first=1

Negative effects on the environment...

A type of a fishes' population may decrease and that means that the animal that eats that kind if fish isn't going to get as much food as it normally does and that might cause competition which could lead to a decrease in that population of animals and it keeps happening with different species.


Main region overfishing occurs...

Overfishing mostly occurs in Northeast, China


Pic:http: //www.bing.com/images/search?q=overfishing&view=detailv2&&id=9DD6457BEB3B3E2187E64D9D76D90A0902E934CC&selectedIndex=0&ccid=wZc3rLka&simid=608056263409664662&thid=OIP.Mc19737acb91af82492fa0d52ee6ee6c6H0&ajaxhist=0

Wildlife most affected by overfishing... and how are they affected....

The wildlife most affected by overfishing would be the animals that eat any kind of fish really. so that would be other fishes, bears, anything aquatic and more. They are affected because they eat fish and when fish become extinct so will other animals that eat fish because they won't have anything to eat, its they food pyramid if one animal from the bottom becomes extinct the whole food pyramid is in danger.

Does this affect our lives in League City? If not, could they ever reach our area?

I could affect our area but i don't think it does because there are a lot of fish in the ocean but later it will reach our area.

Are people affected by overfishing? if so, explain how?

Some people are because a lot of people don't like killing any kind of animals, they're against all of that stuff.

Who or what causes this issue to occur?

Fishermen, and other people who sell fish for a living,

What are the solutions that people have come up with for this issue? If there are not any solutions what are people doing to prevent it?

Some solutions people have come up with are safe catch limits, controls on bycatch, protection of pristine and important habitats, and monitoring and enforcement

info: http://overfishing.org/pages/what_can_I_do_to_help.php

A new solution would be... Would your solution be able to be implemented now, if not why?

My new solution i would do would be to limit the number of fishes to catch every day so people don't catch too much, and yes my solution would be able to be implemented.
Ocean Alert: Overfishing