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October 2015

~Lights on Afterschool

This year Project EXTRA will celebrate Lights on Afterschool by participating in the Pumpkin Festival. Students are so excited be carving their pumpkins and bringing them to the Rotary Park where they will be entered in the Pumpkin Festival. Pumpkin Festival 2015, Laconia, NH, Let it Shine, is officially registered with Guinness as a World Record Attempt to have the most lit jack-o-lanterns in one place! Lights on Afterschool celebrates afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities and is supported by The Afterschool Alliance, a national nonprofit organization whose vision is "to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs".

Elm Street School

Our Student Leadership Committee is busy planning our Lights On Open House Event. Each year the students come up with great ideas for this event and each year it gets better and better! The students will be tying the upcoming Pumpkin Festival into their open house. We are looking forward to our ESS students and their families taking part in the Lights On Afterschool nationwide event! Come and get your face painted and have a pumpkin treat!

Team of the Month Award!

K-1 group has won the first Team of the Month Award! This award is given to the group, (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th) that exhibits the most PAWS PRIDE throughout the month. Our K-1st grade team has been doing such a great job. We are so impressed with how hard they have been working. They are true leaders!

Aja Montague~

Pleasant Street School

Students have been thoroughly enjoying the enrichment activities being offered during this fall season here at Pleasant Street School. In S.T.E.M. students competed in building the tallest tower using decks of cards. While in Hopes & Dreams students are using computers to discover careers that match their interests. Computer Smartz is also being offered again this year and students are excited about using the technology. Volleyball and Soccer are being enjoyed while developing teamwork. Spanish, Creative Concoctions and Drama are new this year and being taught by Mr. G. Stay tuned for another new offering: "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" This group in coordination with Lights. Camera. Action! will be producing video news clips. And last but not least is stretch & relax where students are learning yoga and how to cope with stress and anxiety. While enjoying a nutritious snack or dinner, students are learning about table manners and the importance of cleaning up after themselves. So far this season is a hit and the Project EXTRA team here at PSS know the rest of the year will be just as fantastic!

Patricia Quinn~

Woodland Heights School

October is shaping up to be very very exciting! The leaves are beautiful, the weather is incredible, and our students here are doing a stellar job with following expectations in all areas of our building! They are being respectful, responsible, safe, and they are certainly showing they are ready to learn! With these expectations in place, our staff has been able to really dig into the fun stuff with the students. I am hoping this trend continues to astonish us because we are fast approaching Pumpkin Fest and our students are in for a team based pumpkin carving treat. The better we can follow these expectations, the more creative this group can be!

Happy October everyone!

Jake Colby~

Laconia Middle School

As we welcome the crisp mornings and cooler afternoons, Project Extra is in full fall mode at LMS! We are excited to announce that students will be participating in Pumpkin Fest this year! Students will have the opportunity to carve out a pumpkin that will be displayed around the city and even make it onto the gigantic tower in Veteran’s Square! Be sure to take a walk around on October 24th so you can spot your child’s pumpkin!

Please be advised Thursday October 22nd there will be no programming at LMS due to a conference, we will be spending the day at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

Students are participating in enriching clubs each and every day and it is so much fun hanging out with these fine young men and women!

-Mr. Resca

Laconia High School

Freedom Found is now in its fifth year and has been very active since the start of the school year in its ultimate goal of empowering students. Last month, Freedom Found members had an opportunity to hike Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness with a group of college students majoring in Social Work at Plymouth State University. At the summit, members gave the college students an overview of Freedom Found and its mission of providing students with a meaningful network of support and inspiration within the school setting while simultaneously getting the privilege of learning about the Social Work field of study at PSU. Our most recent group excursion involved hiking the Mt. Morgan/Mt. Percival loop which proved challenging but rewarding. Freedom Found is now looking forward to biking in the coming weeks as well as Halloween Activities such as visiting the Haunted Corn Maze at Beans & Greens in Gilford.

During our weekly group meetings, students are also delving into the theme of “Personal Choices” while reflecting on the impacts of their own life decisions. At the same time, the students involved in the Leadership of Freedom Found are engaged in an ongoing book study of the recommended read, “Combinations, Opening the Door to Student Leadership”. There is much to be excited about in the coming months for the members of Freedom Found, and we look forward to another solid year of inspiration, empowerment and meaningful learning experiences.

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October 24 - Pumpkin Festival

November 10 - NO Project EXTRA (Parent Teacher Conferences)

November 11 - NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day

November 25, 26, 27 - NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Project EXTRA - Laconia School District

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Project EXTRA is a 21st CCLC grant funded program and has been provided in part by the Curran Foundation and the WLNH Children’s Auction