An Interview With Mrs. Maass

By: Liliana Pavia

What Mrs. Maass Is All About!

Mrs. Maasai is an amazing awesome agriculture teacher she teaches different things such as vet med application, equine science, floral design and more she teaches really well. A little about Mrs.Maass is that she loves horses, and she is always around horses no matter what she shows them she cuts them up to show the students about the different parts and the best part is that she brings her own horse some times.

Mrs. Maass is mainly not at school all the time she is but mainly she is with students showing different animals. Such as pigs, chickens, and she also does horse judging with students so she is out most of the time. We are in 3rd in state for FFA which is pretty good just because she does shows animals. Mrs. Maass being part of FFA means a lot to her just because she always had love of animals and showing students different things about agriculture.

Mrs. Maass has a husband name Patrick and 2 kids Paden and Preston she works really hard to get food on the table for them and getting there homework done. Her biggest challenge when school effects home would be she is always away showing or doing anything so she doesn't get to spend a lot with them.

Well that is a little about Mrs. Maass I hope you enjoy a little about her!

More about Mrs. Mass

Grade Level:
  • 9th-12th Grade
Class Taught:
  • Equine Science
  • Vet med application
  • Horticulture/Landscape
  • Floral Desgin
  • CTE Budget
Classroom Environment:
  • The students were doing there own work
  • The students were being quiet
  • The students were sitting down not running around
  • Management Techniques:
  • 1 on 1 with students

Teacher Strategies: (Everyday is Diffrent)

  • Hands on work
  • Lab work
  • Group work

Hours Per Week:

  • 50 Hours
  • Stock- 100 hours
Biggest Challenge:
  • Time management
Biggest Reward:
  • Seeing kids success
Self Motivation:
  • 10 for an agriculture teacher
Annoying about students:
  • Lack of respect
How much do you like teaching:
  • 9
Students say about you:
  • High energy
  • Nice
  • Structure
  • Pre-pared
What made you become a teacher:
  • The love of agriculture
How did you know you wanted to become a teacher:
  • She saw another agriculture teacher and then right there in then she wanted to become one.
How important is education to you:
  • Very important
How do people earn your respect:
  • Working hard
How does the empack of school effect your personal life:
  • Challenging because she has kids so taking care of them and then she also has a lot of evenings away.

Lily Pavia

I I'm Lily Pavia and this was about an interview with Mrs. Maass I hope you enjoyed!e